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Best wine glasses

best wine glasses
(Image credit: Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash)

The best wine glasses often depend on the type of wine you're drinking. Do you need something with a big, wide bowl to make the most of your red wine? Is the best wine glass smaller, so your white wine stays cool? Or are you looking for a flute to enhance the bubbles of prosecco or sparkling wine?

It may be that best wine glasses are simply ones that look great, are robust enough to wash in the dishwasher, and affordable enough that you can stock-up. 

We have something to suit each type of wine in this round-up of the best wine glasses. 

Best wine glasses

stolzle wine glasses

(Image credit: stolzle)

Experience Stolzle Lausitz wine glasses (opens in new tab)

Beautiful design, great quality

Our pick of the best wine glasses is this set of six from Stolzle. They can hold 450 millilitres - far more than a large glass - and although they're designed for red wine, they'll work well for white, too.

These wine glasses have a long stem to help keep the wine cool, while their wide diameter gives red wine enough space to breathe. And you can wash them in the dishwasher.

Plus, they're so big that you could use these glasses for other drinks too, making them versatile and a great buy.

Best value wine glasses

zuvo wine glasses

(Image credit: zuvo)

Zuvo wine glasses (opens in new tab)

Best bargain

This pack of four wine glasses is great value, and versatile. They can hold up to 380 millilitres, which is way more than a large glass, and are great for red or white wine. Plus they're cheap enough to fill up the cupboard if you're short on glasses. 

Best stemless wine glasses

Maxwell & Williams wine glasses

(Image credit: Maxwell & Williams)

Maxwell & Williams stemless wine glass set (opens in new tab)

Ultra-modern design

These stemless wine glasses come in a set of six and can hold up to 540 millilitres. The lack of stem means they're less likely to fall and spill, and they look really modern. They're dishwasher-safe and can double-up as glasses for other drinks too.

Best sparkling wine glasses

ravenhead wine glasses

(Image credit: ravenhead)

Ravenhead set of four flutes (opens in new tab)

Plenty of space for bubbles

This set of four sparkling wine glasses from Ravenhead are perfect for champagne or prosecco. They can hold a generous 210 millilitres and are robust enough for regular use. Plus, their flute shape makes them easier to store than the vintage saucer style.

Best French style

bohemia best wine glasses

(Image credit: Bohemia)

Bohemia crystal Provence wine glasses (opens in new tab)

Provence-style flutes

These French wine glasses are ideal for champagne and prosecco, featuring a short stem and unique style. The Provence-style flutes are finished in crystal glass and decorated using pantography. And despite the vintage look, they're safe for dishwasher use too.  

Cheers to the best wine glasses

The best overall wine glasses are the Experience Stolzle Lausitz wine glasses (opens in new tab) because they're large enough to do your red wine justice, but you'll be just as happy to drink white wine from them too. 

The Maxwell & Williams set (opens in new tab) are the best wine glasses for accident-prone wine drinkers, because the stemless design means less chance of spills. And the Zuno wine glasses (opens in new tab) are an affordable way to stock up if you're looking for your first set.

The best special sparkling wine glasses are the Provence-style vintage flutes from Bohemia (opens in new tab) - but if you prefer a more traditional style, the Ravenhead (opens in new tab) set is perfect.