Best bread makers

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You can buy bread from a bakery or in a bag off of the grocery store shelf, but why not make your own at home? With your bread recipe, you're in control of the ingredients, customizing the nutritional value of each slice. Most home bread makers have three crust settings: light, medium, and dark. They also have a viewing window and a delay timer. We've gathered a collection of the best bread makers for you to choose from.  

Staff pick

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Hamilton Beach Digital Bread Maker

Includes two kneading paddles

This option from Hamilton Beach has a cool body when it's baking, so you won't burn your hands if you need to move the bread machine. It also has non-slip feet to keep it steady on your countertop when mixing the dough. The interior pan is non-stick and can make 1.5 and 2-pound. loaves. 

Most settings

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KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine

Fruit and nut dispenser included

If you can't get to your bread immediately after baking, this machine will keep your loaf warm for an additional hour. It features a ceramic non-stick pan for mixing and baking your dough, as well as a fruit and nut dispenser for adding little extras to your loaves. There are 17 total settings for bread, doughs, and rolls available on this unit. 

Chewy crust

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Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker

Shape your loaf after mixing

One of the signs of a great loaf of bread is a chewy texture, which is sometimes hard to achieve at home. However, with this option from Cuisinart, the dough will have long and slow cool rises, which aid in creating a chewy crust. You can choose from three loaf sizes, and when it's time to add fruits and nuts, an audible alarm will play. 

Fresh bread

Why settle for bread that sits around on your countertop day after day when you could be enjoying a warm slice of homemade bread? For most people, we think the Hamilton Beach Digital Bread Maker is the best option in our collection. It has 12 total settings, a nonstick pan, and it's safe to the touch when in operation. You’ll also receive an extra kneading paddle.

If you’re comfortable spending a bit more, consider the Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker. This is the only bread maker in our collection that lets you shape the loaf after the mixing finishes. It also produces a chewy crust that you’ll be surprised to make at home.