Best 3D printing resin

Best 3D printing resin
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Resin 3D printing requires different materials than traditional machines. Resin is a UV-sensitive liquid that cures into a hard surface when a light is shined. This means you have a liquid in your printer, so you need to be careful. Resin is toxic and needs to be handled carefully.

We've tried various resins, from simple model-making resin to exotic products like wax-castable resin, to bring you the best 3D printing resin for you and your hobby. 

Best overall

Siraya Tech Fast

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Siraya Tech Fast

The resin that never fails to impress

Siraya Tech Fast is my go-to resin for almost any project. The viscosity is such that it prints incredibly quickly and isn't affected by cooler temperatures like other, thicker resins.

The finished product is easy to cure and sand to give your final product a beautifully smooth finish, ready for painting. You can even mix other Siraya Tech products to change its properties, like Blu, to make it tougher or Tenacious to make it more flexible. 

Tap water works

Phrozen Water washable resin

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PHROZEN 3D Printer Water-Washable Rapid Resin

Easier to clean than most resins

Water washable resins make cleaning the prints before the final cure easier. It is important to note that the resin is still toxic and should not be rinsed under running water into the water table.

Phrozen's water washable resin prints really well on monochrome screens, and I recommend using a little IPA on the inside of the print to really clear it all out. 

Great value

Anycubic fast clear

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ANYCUBIC 3D Printer Resin

1 liter of resin at a great price

Resin printing can be a more expensive hobby than standard 3D printing. Not only do you need more PPE and post-processing accessories, but the resin itself can be a lot more expensive than filament.

Anycubic does an excellent range of low-cost resins that work great. If you are doing a lot of projects that are going to be painted, then this is a great choice.

Favored brand

Elegoo ABS like resin

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ELEGOO ABS-Like 3D Printer Resin

Perfect for your Elegoo printer

Elegoo ABS resin is made to work perfectly with your Elegoo Mars or Saturn, two of the best resin 3D printers you can buy right now.

Don't worry; it will work on any resin 3d printer, but for best results, use your Elegoo.

Color your world

Monocure Piments for resin

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Monocure 3D CMYK Pigment Set

Add this to white or clear resin

While these aren't strictly speaking "resins" they can make your resin printing a lot more fun. Just a drop or two of these pigments in your clear or white resin and you can create a plethora of different unique colors.

Safety first

Nitrile Gloves

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Synthetic Nitrile Disposable Gloves

You should always have these when using resin

Safety is always a huge part of using resins. These nitrile gloves are an absolute necessity if you are handling prints, at least until they are fully cured.

Resin allergies are chronic, so they get worse the more you contact them on your skin. Stay safe and wear gloves. 

Remember to wear your gloves!

The best resins are ones that work consistently, regardless of external factors. They also tend to be forgiving if your settings are a little off. The Fast resin from Siraya Tech is almost perfect in this regard and produces far fewer failed prints than any other resin.

And again, just a reminder to buy some nitrile gloves before handling any of these resins.

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