Best resin 3D printer

Best resin 3D printer
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There a few big names in resin 3D printing, and they all make fantastic machines. Resin 3D printing allows you to print really detailed models, and with the latest printers, you can do so extremely quickly. We've spent a lot of time with different models of resin printer to bring you the very best choices.

Resin 3D printing can create some of the most beautiful art you can make at home, but it also a little more dangerous than standard 3D printing, so make sure you have all the safety equipment you need before you start printing.

Best overall

Elegoo mars 2

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Everything you could need for great prints

Elegoo has consistently made some of the best, most affordable resin 3D printers for several years now, and the Mars 2 is one of their best yet. The monochrome screen lets you print models like D&D minis much faster than almost any other printer out there without sacrificing quality.

This is a printer that you can have a hobbyist or use multiple at the same time as a print farm for your small business. It's an excellent machine and well worth your time.

Best mid range

Anycubic Mono X

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ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X

Speed and quality rolled into one

If you want to maximize your build area, then the Mono X from Anycubic is an excellent choice. The buildplate on the Mono X is nearly three times the size of the Mars 2 without being three times the price. It's a great size for making larger figures and cosplay items like masks.

Budget choice

Creality LD002r

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Creality LD002R

Save on cash, keep your quality

While the Creality resin printer doesn't have the monochrome screen — so it's slower than the others — it is still able to print super-fine details at a bargain price. If you don't want to spend a fortune on your first resin printer, this is a good place to start.

Detail oriented

Anycubic Photon Mono SE

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The most stable resin printer I've used

Most resin printers use a singular rail to support the buildplate which can reduce dimensional accuracy. The Mono SE has a dual rail system making it ideal for applications that require a lot of accuracies like dental work, or practical prints.

Budget 4K

Phrozen sonic mini 4k

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PHROZEN Sonic Mini 4K

4K quality with a price that's hard to beat

For an excellent price you can pick up the Mini 4K from Phrozen. It has an excellent monochrome 4k screen that offers incredibly fine details due to the high pixel density on the LCD. I really like my Mini 4K and it has pride of place in my workshop.

Big is best

Elegoo Saturn

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A huge resin printer at a good price

The Saturn is another larger scale resin printer from the maker of our top pick. Like most of the printers on here, it offers a monochrome screen that prints 1.5 times faster than standard LCD screens and almost three times as much printing area. Basically you can big things, really quickly. It's an excellent alternative to the Mono X.

Take a dip! (but don't actually)

The first time I used a resin 3D printer, I was hooked. Though it takes a little bit of work to cure and clean, resin prints look incredibly detailed and far smoother than their FDM cousins.

If you are new to resin 3D printing and you want to start small, then the Elegoo Mars 2 is a great jumping-off point. It is fast, accurate, and makes beautiful models from the get-go.

If you want to go big, grab yourself a Mono X from Anycubic or the Elegoo Saturn. Both are powerful, speedy machines that will let you maximize your print space.

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