Best USB-C Headphones

Best USB-C Headphones
(Image credit: Belkin)

We have been looking at the latest offerings of the USB-C headphones and created a shortlist of the best ones available. USB-C is the latest wired option standard adopted by the majority of manufacturers to keep up with technological advances. It provides power to the device as well as transmit audio.

The USB-C headphones offer better noise cancellation capability and no latency, which technology such as Bluetooth can introduce. Have a look at the results of our research below, and decide which ones you prefer.

Best overall


(Image credit: Amazon)

KINGONE USB C Headphones

Keep them safe and secure

USB-C allows for a great depth of sound, and these headphones bring that depth to your mobile phone. They are a simple white with inline volume control. They also have a magnetic backplate on each of the headphones that helps keep your cables from getting all tangled up.

Brand recognition

Belkin USB-C earphones

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Belkin in-Ear USB-C Headphones

Flat cables make it tangle free

Brand recognition can be an important choice to avoid shoddy merchandise, and Belkin is one of the biggest names in mobile peripherals. The lightweight earpieces make them great for jogging, and the flat cables make for a completely tangle-free life.

Noise cancelling

imangoo USB c

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iMangoo USB-C headphones

Excellent audio for a low price

The noise cancellation available on these headphones is a really nice addition to these fan favorites. The inline volume control has a call button as well, and the threaded nylon cord makes sure the cable won't get damaged prematurely.

Over ear

Joymiso usb c earbuds

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Joymiso USB C Earbuds

Keep the sound where you need it

The clear blue casing and over-the-ear positioning of the Joymiso earbuds remind me of a set of studio monitors more than a budget set of headphones. The hooks give you a lot of security so you can run or exercise with ease.

Adapt and overcome

USB-c Adapter

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Mangotek USB C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter

Use your old earphones instead

If you already have an excellent pair of headphones and don't want to replace them, maybe a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter is in order? This is a simple black adapter that will let you plug the old into the new.

New mobile devices are USB-C compliant so choose the right headphones to accompany them

USB-C is a fantastic connection for charging, watching a video, and for listening to audio. The bandwidth it can supply allows for DAC compliant earphones to offer quality above and beyond what was possible before.

We really like the Kingone USB-C headphones as they are perfectly placed in the balance of great price and excellent sound quality. If you are looking for a name you know and can trust, then the tangle-free Belkin earphones might be right for you.

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