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A bamboo steamer is an important piece of the healthy eating equation. Steaming typically eschews fats in its cooking process, without leaving food bland and joyless. As such, it's a better alternative to boiling or poaching when prepping healthier foods. Better still, you can say goodbye to soggy, limp veggies since they absorb any condensation during cooking. While bamboo steamers are one of the oldest cooking vessels, our collection carries a range of steamers that appeal to the modern cook.

Staff pick

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Mister Kitchenware handmade bamboo steamer

An easy way to enter the realm of steaming

Whether you're new to steaming or a seasoned pro, you'll love this Mister Kitchenware bamboo steamer. Right out of the box, you get everything required for a first foray into steaming. Its baskets are average depth and diameter, and the domed lid on the top tier is incredibly useful. It helps create distance from the basket's contents and discourages the inevitable condensation from flooding your food. The included chopsticks and sauce dish are a nice touch as well. Its capacity is best for serving two to three people.

Steely and sturdy

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VonShef Premium bamboo steamer

Made out of traditional natural bamboo wood

If you prefer using your steamer over a wok, this is your best option. This two-tier bamboo steamer from VonShef is reinforced with stainless steel bands, and a bottom ring prevents the wood from scorching on contact. The bands also add long-term durability and maintain the steamer's shape. The metal banding heats up, so use potholders or a towel to handle this steamer.

Best value

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Trademark Innovations 3-piece bamboo steamer

You get two tiers plus a domed lid

This 10-inch bamboo steamer has two steaming levels and a domed lid, making it a three-piece design. The two steaming tiers enable you to cook different food items simultaneously while keeping your food covered all the time. The domed lid prevents water from dripping back onto the food. The Trademark Innovations steamer is made of 100-percent natural bamboo, and you can easily hand wash it using warm water. 


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Zoie + Chloe natural bamboo steamer basket

Perfected for low-profile foods

This bamboo steamer basket from Zoie + Chloe is the ticket to living a carbon-neutral or trash-free life. It is traditionally built, with only bamboo used in its construction; no metal or wires are present. It's only 1.5-inches deep, nearly an inch less than comparable steamers. Since it is shallow, we recommend sticking to low-profile foods, such as cut veggies, gyoza, and shumai, that won't stick to the lid or the tier above it. You also get bonus cotton liners that can be washed with the rest of your laundry and used nearly indefinitely.

Large capacity

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Helen's Asian Kitchen 97010 food steamer

Shorten your day with batch steaming

This 1 foot-wide, two-tier bamboo steamer from Helen's Asian Kitchen makes prep day easy. It has ample capacity to cook and assemble an entire week's worth of veggies, grains, and proteins for one person. Vegetables stay crisp when appropriately steamed and won't get too mushy when reheated later in the week. Steaming is a speedy cooking method as well, so you won't feel chained to your kitchen and can get started with the rest of your day.

Best gift idea

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Cooking Gift Set soup dumpling kit

Comes with every accouterment a dim sum devotee might wish for

We all have that one friend—the foodie who's tried it all and started experimenting at home with their favorite dishes. This Xiao Long Bao kit from Cooking Gift Set Co. makes a perfect gift for your favorite foodie, because life is so much better with soup dumplings in it, and maybe they'll share. It comes with every accouterment a dim sum devotee might wish for. The 100-percent bamboo steamer in this kit is relatively petite, at 8.25 inches in diameter, but it fits six to eight dumplings comfortably on each tier. Recipients of this gift will also appreciate the attention paid to traditional tools. 

Time to get steaming

Compared to boiling, steaming food allows it to retain all of its taste and a higher proportion of its nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

The Mister Kitchenware handmade bamboo steamer meets all of the most important criteria. With its washable mesh liners, chopsticks, and sauce dish, you have everything you need to test your new steamer for the first time. If you're concerned about the bottom tier scorching over time, then add an adapter ring to elevate your steamer. 

Better yet, harness the power of water vapor, and steam with confidence using VonShef's premium bamboo steamer. It's especially ideal for anyone who prefers using a steamer over a wok. The metal bands will prevent the wood from scorching on contact. 

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