Best Cricut vinyl cutter accessories

Best Cricut accessories
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While the Cricut vinyl cutters do come with some basic accessories, you will need to buy some extras to really make the most out of your making tool. From carry cases to weeding tools, we've played around with as many different accessories as possible to bring you our favorites.

While this list is not exhaustive, it will head you in the right direction and get you started on your Cricut journey.  

Clean it up

Xinart weeding tools

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Xinart Weeding Tools Set for Vinyl Craft

Weeding is the best part of using a Cricut

Weeding is probably my favorite part of using my Cricut, but you need a good set of tools to really enjoy the experience. I love to use the little tweezers, hooks, and spatulas from this set to help me weed those tiny little pieces that are hard to get.

You can use the scissors to cut away the larger pieces of scrap and the scraper to flatten those parts that won't stay down!

For the club

Cricut carry case

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HOMEST Carrying Case

Take your Cricut anywhere you want to go

Crafting is a hobby that is more fun with friends. If you are like me, you probably transport your Cricut around to friends houses for maker parties. This carry bag fits all the current makers, including the Maker 3 and Explore 3 and has plenty of pockets for your tools, pieces of vinyl, and anything else you might need.

Neat and tidy

Tweexy weeding collector

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Tweexy weeding scrap collector ring

Keep all the those loose parts safe

Yesterday I made a new shirt with infusible ink, and one of the small pieces of weeding escaped and ruined the design. This little ring is made of silicone that grips the small pieces of weeding you poke inside. No more ruined shirts!

Perfect position

Tshirt ruler guide

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Tshirt Ruler Guide for Vinyl Alignment

Get your alignment on track

Getting your designs lined up on a t-shirt is very difficult if you try to do it by eye. Using a guide like these will make sure you have your design exactly where you need them. These guides are also flexible, so they won't shatter if you accidentally bend them too far.

Safe and secure

paiyule tool organizer

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Cricut Maker Organizer Case

Keep all your tools together

The more involved you get in using your Cricut, the more tool heads you are likely to accumulate. So far, I only have 5, but I have already got myself one of these boxes to store them in. This way, everything I need is safe and secure, all in one place.

Feel the heat

Cricut Easy Press 2

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Cricut EasyPress 2

Ditch the iron for a precision tool

Having an easy press for transferring iron-on or infusible ink really is a must. Sure, you can do it with a normal iron, but you won't get anywhere near the results you would get with the Easy Press 2. This 9 x 9-inch version is the perfect size for t-shirt transfers.

Everything you need

I adore making cool things with my Cricut, and I love collecting tools and accessories to enhance that experience. This group of accessories will make your hobby quicker, easier, and a lot more fun.

Accessories like the Xinart Weeding Tools make your Cricut vinyl cutting a much better experience. I also really love the Cricut Easy Press 2 for making t-shirts and infusible ink projects, as it is much safer to use than a normal iron.

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