Best Belgian waffle bowl makers

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You can buy Belgian waffle bowls at stores, but you may run the risk of finding out they are stale when you are putting together a dish. Using a Belgian waffle bowl maker at home allows you to experiment with flavor combinations to complement your savory and sweet foods. These makers can handle more than waffles, letting you make your favorite cornbread, tortillas, or even cookies into a bowl shape. We’ve gathered the best Belgian waffle bowl makers to make your decision easier. 

Staff pick

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Presto Belgian waffle bowl maker

Well-defined nooks and crannies

You’ll know it’s time to make a Belgian waffle bowl when the head indicator light turns on. For your batter, you can mix up the included “from scratch” recipe or use one from a box. The interior is completely nonstick, making it easy to remove your bowl when it has finished cooking.  

Fun colors

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DASH waffle bowl maker

Part of the DASH Mini Maker collection

Small enough to fit in your home kitchen, dorm room, or RV, this Belgian waffle bowl maker is sure to delight. The aqua and red color options match other small appliances from DASH, and this unit only weighs about 3.5 pounds. You can look to the included recipe booklet for inspiration or log into the recipe database that DASH offers.  

Budget pick

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Salton Treats waffle bowl maker

Cooks in under two minutes

The Belgian waffle bowls made by this unit have smooth interiors, making them perfect for your spoon. Once your batter is ready, you’re only two minutes away from enjoying a Belgian waffle bowl. The nonskid feet prevent movement while you pour the batter in or remove your bowl, and the unit latches closed for easy storage. 

Sweet and savory 

If you’re not sure which model is for you, we recommend the Presto Belgian waffle bowl maker. The indicator light is one of our favorite features, so you won’t start cooking before the unit is hot enough. You’ll appreciate how creamy desserts and sauces fill all the nooks and crannies of the bowls, making each bite better. We also appreciate how the standard black color will match most of your current appliances.

However, if you’re a fan of the DASH collection, or you’re ready to become one, we think the DASH waffle bowl maker is also an excellent choice. You can choose from aqua or red to add a little bit of personality to your kitchen. The unit's incredibly small footprint allows it to fit in even the most cramped of kitchens.