Best Wine Decanters

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Serving a great glass of wine is important, and a decanter can ensure each bottle reaches its full potential. From ports to pinots, oxygenating wine is important, and wine decanters can do the job stylishly. Decanters are vase-inspired glass reservoirs that aerate wines, invigorating the robust flavors. Pouring wine from the bottle into the decanter can also separate sediments to prevent any bitterness. With so many style options available, we've collected the best selections to uncork your next bottle.

Staff pick

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Le Chateau Crystal Glass Wine Decanter

Ready your reds with this modern design

Transform your next bottle with this hand-blown decanter to experience the delicious aroma and bounty of flavors. This sleek long-neck style lets your wine effortlessly combine with the air for proper oxygenation, releasing the liquid's unique taste. It's constructed in lead-free crystal glass, contains 32 ounces, and has a slanted spout for mess-free pours.

Aerating spout

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Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Great taste right from the bottle

For great taste without the decanter, this pourer attaches to the wine bottle, conveniently oxygenating every glass. It has an aerating chamber and air intake system to combine wine with the optimum amount of oxygen, thereby awakening the flavors. The spout is angled for accurate pours, and the rubber stopper is ribbed and tapered to create a leak-free seal. Don't go through the trouble of transferring wine into a decanter when you can turn your bottle into one with this wine accessory.

Flip it. flip it good

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Menu Winebreather Carafe

One-step bottle to carafe transfer

Seamlessly transition your wine from bottle to carafe, and back again with this perfect-pour glass design. By simply placing the mouth of your wine bottle to the carafe lid, and completing a swift fluid flip, the wine will switch containers without a fuss. (And without, losing a drop!) This easy vessel has an elongated neck and stout, rounded body. The classic look only adds to its appeal; this functional style breaths life into wine with flavor-liberating aeration. You can serve each perfectly oxygenated glass to yourself and others (if you're feeling generous).


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HiCoup Crystal Glass U-Shaped Wine Decanter

Modern U-shaped design finds all the right flavor notes

Turn heads and impress palates with the curvature of this unique U-shaped wine decanter. This fluid design, crafted in lead-free crystal glass, offers a sophisticated abstract style. With two openings, one wide and the other narrow, it's easy to pour wine from bottle to decanter to glass without sacrificing a drop. It will aerate and hold 25 ounces of your favorite wine, pleasing all aficionados with each lovely pour. This bar favorite is not only beautiful and functional, but it's also easy to clean. When the wine is no more, just throw it in the dishwasher.

Easy to handle

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USBOQO Lead-Free Crystal Glass Wine Decanter

It's easy to pour a bottle or more with the handle built right in

Support your wine supply with the simple elegance of this oxygenating decanter shaped in lead-free crystal glass. This decanter has a sleek long-necked profile and a rounded body that offers ample room for your favorite wine. (It holds a whopping 40 ounces to be exact.) With the capacity to hold a bottle or two, it's nearly impossible to stop the dinner party from getting started. You can simply execute a multitude of mess-free pours with an efficient angled spout and a built-in handle. So, grab on and get to the wine, stat.

Large capacity

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Culinaire Crystal Glass Wine Decanter

Serve up glass after glass with this generous full-bodied design

Keep copious amounts of wine on hand with this gargantuan decanter built to hold over two bottles (60.8 ounces). With a long angled spout and a generous rounded body, this decanter is perfect for aerating large quantities of wine to elicit quality taste. The convenient handle makes navigating this high-capacity container simple and efficient.

Don't bottle it up

Some wines, the majority of reds, benefit from a little oxygen exposure. When wine is aerated the full flavor profile is exposed. But how can you ensure all of the tasty layers are revealed? By pouring your wine into a decanter, of course. Wine decanters are sophisticated glass reservoirs that allow the liquid to breathe and achieve every tasty note. Our staff pick is the Le Chateau Crystal Glass Wine Decanter. It assumes the classic long-necked design with a demure curved body. But don't let its sleek shape fool you, it holds 32 ounces. The angled spout makes it easy to pour a glass or several without spilling a sip.

If you're looking to aerate your wine without the trouble of a decanter, you can oxygenate right from the bottle with the Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer. This handy angled spout attaches to any wine bottle, sealing perfectly with the rubber stopper. The pourer has an aerating chamber and air intake system to combine wine with oxygen and obtain the perfect taste-filled pour.