Best serving spoons

Best serving spoons
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Whether you’re serving your food family or buffet style, the easiest way to assemble yummy dishes is by using a proper serving spoon. With this perfectly-sized utensil, you can scoop manageable helpings of everything from pasta to assorted veggies to build a balanced plate. Make your next dinner or dinner party a simple event by adding a serving spoon or two to your kitchen essentials. We’ve collected the best options to make your selection simple.   

Staff pick

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Kekow 8-piece stainless steel buffet serving spoons

Sleek stainless steel set for buffets and more

Serving spoons are an integral part of any kitchen. You'll need them to serve all the delicious food you'll be making so that you aren't wrestling to fill your plate using the spoon you plan on eating with. Kekow's serving spoon set will give you the perfect option. Since there are eight of them, you don't need to worry about immediately doing the dishes after dinner, and it means you'll have enough to serve meals during big occasions or dinner parties. 

Budget basics

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Darware complete serving spoon and utensil set

Comprehensive essential set with spoons and such

Properly equipping your kitchen can quickly become an expensive affair, especially if you want excellent options that will last. This complete set delivers an option that will give you the serving utensils you want at a price that can't be beaten. It comes with a spoon, slotted spoon, two-prong fork, pasta server, ladle, and cake server, giving you all the serving spoons you need for everyday use. They're also all made from stainless steel, making them a great addition to any kitchen. 

Silicone style

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StarPack Basics silicone kitchen utensil set

Sturdy silicone serving set with plenty of options

For some people, metal serving spoons won't cut it. The StarPack Basics silicone kitchen utensil set comes with five serving utensils sure to be a substantial addition to any kitchen. The silicone is rated for up to 480-degrees Fahrenheit, comes in three different colors, and is BPA-free, making it safe for anything you might want to cook up. 


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Darware serving spoons

Achieve precise portions with this accurate collection

Portion control, when doling out servings, can be challenging to achieve. The Darware serving spoons offer up an easy way to keep an eye on how much food is going onto each plate. The spoons are color-coded with their sizes. You get six spoons at 0.25 cups, 0.5 cups, 0.75 cups, and 1 cup. It also includes colander/slotted style serving spoons for 0.5 cup and 1 cup. This makes them an excellent choice for cafeterias, or establishments that regularly feed large groups of people and need to ensure their food lasts to the very last person in line. 


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Pro Dispose plastic serving utensils

Dispensable serving utensils

There are times when you're feeding large groups of people and don't want to pull out your good serving spoons to do it. Whether that means an outback barbecue for all of your friends, or a catered wedding, the Pro Dispose utensils can make sure you have everything you need to serve out all the food that's been prepared. This 18-piece set comes with spoons, sporks, and tongs, all made of heavy-duty plastic. This means that you can easily wash and reuse these serving utensils if you want to!

Serve up your favorites

Serving is simple when you employ the right spoon. These plate-prepping utensils deliver the perfect portions of food from bowl to plate. There are a variety of sizes, styles, and materials to choose from, but only you can select the best option. All of our selections are stellar, but if we could only recommend one, it would be the Kekow 8-piece stainless steel buffet spoons. You get enough spoons to handle even large dinner parties, and since they're stainless steel, they're sure to last for years to come. 

If you're looking for a comparable option in a different material, the StarPacks Basics silicone kitchen utensil set might be the right option. You get six different serving utensils all made from high-quality silicone that's rated for up to 480 degrees and BPA free. 

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