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Best oven mitts

best oven mitts
(Image credit: Anpole )

The best oven mitts need to withstand serious heat, so look for ones that state they can cope with above 200 degrees. You also want non-slip oven mitts to save hot dishes slipping right out of your hands. 

When it comes to material or style, the best oven mitt will be down to personal taste. There are countless cotton oven mitts for sale, but you'll probably want to go for silicone to make sure it's heat-proof and non-slip, which all of these are. 

Best overall

Feosar oven mitts

(Image credit: Feosar)

Feosar BBQ and oven gloves

Heat resistant up to 800 degrees

The best oven mitts are these from Feosar. They can withstand staggering temperatures of up to 800 degrees Celcius. These oven mitts are certified and made from the same material that features in firefighter uniforms. 

They are multi-purpose and designed for use in the kitchen, or with the barbecue. The sleeve is long, so it protects your wrists from piping-hot ovens and the individual fingers help you get the best grip on hot dishes or searing handles. 

Best for ovens

Anpole oven mitts

(Image credit: Anpole)

Anpole silicone oven gloves

Protects hands and wrists

This Anpole pair is one of the best oven mitts for everyday use. The gloves are cotton-based and are covered in non-slip silicone strips that will help with grip. They also have a comfy cotton lining inside and can tolerate temperatures up to 250 degrees.

Best double oven mitts

Alimat oven mitts

(Image credit: Alimat)

Alimat plus double oven mitts

Traditional design, modern protection

If you prefer a more traditional style, these double oven mitts from Alimat are the best option. They combine a familiar style with a modern silicone finish — and you'll never have to worry about one glove going missing. They're also non-slip and will handle up to 260 degrees.

Best for small hands

Veewon oven mitts

(Image credit: Veewon )

Veewon silicone mini oven mitts

Get a grip on dishes

If you have smaller hands, these are the best oven mitts. They're technically called pinch-grips, but they can be used to pick up any dish from the oven — just be careful with the rest of your hands. They're non-slip and can handle up to 260 degrees. I like to use these for handling hot pans rather than things from the oven.

Best value

Kiya oven mitts

(Image credit: Kiya)

KIYA heat resistant oven gloves set

Gloves, pot holder and pinch mitts

This kit offers the best value oven mitts because it comes with a bonus pair of potholders and pinch-grips. They'll withstand up to 237 degrees and have a non-slip texture. Plus, they come in four colour choices that look fantastic.

Upgrade your mitts

The very best oven mitt can handle up to 800 degrees and is shaped like a glove so you have much more control over your hands. But the Feosar pair won't appeal to everyone.

If you like the regular mitt shape, you'll want to go for this pair from Anpole or the double oven mitt from Alimat. If you struggle to get things out of the oven because you have small hands, it may be time to consider these pinch grips from Veewon. And if value is your main goal, this set from KIYA is the best oven mitts choice for you.