Best Cookware Sets

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The best cookware set will come with a variety of pots and pans in different sizes, complete with fitted lids. We prefer those with a nonstick coat to help with foods that tend to be more clingy. It also means you can reduce the amount of oil or butter you use while cooking and cut down on fat intake. We’ve collected a list of the best cookware set options for you to consider.

Best cookware set overall

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T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick 12-Piece Set

Resistant collection with a temperature indicator

The T-fal Ultimate cook set is made from hard-anodized aluminum which retains heat well but also cuts down the risk of scratching the surface while cooking. It resists acid from food better than other sets on the market. The red dot in the center is T-fal's thermospot, which shows you when the pan is evenly heated.

Best ceramic cookware set

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GreenLife Soft Grip Ceramic Cookware 16 Piece Set

An eco-friendly option

The GreenLife cookware set is made from a non-stick ceramic, which means it will never give off toxic fumes, or chemicals even when overheated. The handles of each soft and stay cool to the touch and are oven safe up to 350 degrees. Each ceramic piece of this cook set is reinforced with aluminum, which also helps conduct heat evenly. The inside is coated with a nonstick finish, and every piece of this set is dishwasher safe.

Best copper cookware set

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BulbHead Red Copper Ceramic Nonstick 10-Piece Set

Functional collection perfect for high heat

Ceramic infused with copper provides a nonstick surface that is safe all the way to 500 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can put your stovetop dishes directly into the oven! These are perfect for browning the tops of dishes like macaroni and cheese or roasted veggies, and even look sharp on your dining table. 

Best value cookware set

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Amazon Basics 15-Piece Nonstick Set

Plenty of essential kitchen tools with a reasonable price tag

If you want to add a few nonstick pieces to your kitchen, but want to keep the price low, Amazon's collection is a great choice. The utensils are included in this set, so you're ready to cook anything on your stovetop right out of the box. The vented lids are also a nice touch to prevent steam burns.

Best for induction stoves

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T-fal Professional Nonstick Set, Induction Base

Superior performance on induction cooktops

Get the performance of T-fal cookware with the added benefit of being able to use it on an induction cooktop due to a reactive metal base. The thermospot indicator that tells you when your pan is thoroughly heated also works on this version. For a quick meal at breakfast time, the 1 Egg Wonder pan is sure to be a hit.

Best for high heat

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Cuisinart Chef's Classic NonStick 14-Piece Set

Enduring nonstick cookware set

Unlike most nonstick pans, these are safe up to 500 degrees Farenheight in your oven, and the lids can resist up to 350 degrees Farenheight. This will prevent you from reaching for the aluminum foil as often for your baked dishes. When you're ready to serve, the rims are designed to prevent drips when you're pouring out sauces or soups. Less waste and less clean-up, it's a win-win.

Best designed cookware

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Rachael Ray Cucina Hard Anodized Nonstick 12-Piece Set

12 sleek pieces with colorful touches

Bring a little Rachael Ray into your home, and cooking, with this cute 12-piece set. Available with blue, orange, or red handles, this set will make a subtle statement on your stovetop. Plus, they're oven safe to 400 degrees Farenheight and look suitable for serving on your table.

Make it match

The T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick cookware set keeps food from sticking as you cook and includes a thermospot so you know when it’s hot and ready.  It comes with two frying pans, four pots, including a stockpot, and a couple of cooking utensils. The lids that fit on both the pots and the pans are made from tempered glass so you can check your food without having to take the top off, first.

Though it’s a bit more expensive, the  Simply Calphalon Nonstick 10-Piece Set can be used in both the oven and on the stovetop making it easier to transfer foods that required both cooking methods. They are safe to use in ovens up to 500 degrees, which is pretty impressive as most other cookware sets, especially nonstick coated ones, can only handle up to 350 degrees.

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