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Meals are a whole lot simpler when you can package future dishes and leftover food. Food storage containers are the packaging solution to keep everyone in your family fed and happy. From tall cereal storage to lunch-friendly compartmentalized options, storage is available in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate the volume of your needs. To get you started, we recommend the Fullstar Food Storage Containers with Lids because it has a variety pack of 12 pieces and is equipped with leak-proof lids.

Best Overall

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Fullstar Food Containers with Lids

Pack of 12 food storage containers that are BPA free

The Fullstar food storage containers with lids come in a pack of 12 varying sizes of containers. The containers are BPA free and microwave safe.


  • Pack of 12
  • Leak-proof lids
  • BPA free
  • Microwave, fridge, and freezer safe


  • Lids are not microwave-safe

The Fullstar food containers with lids is a 12-pack of various sized containers. This set is perfect for storing leftovers and holding lunches. Each container is made out of FDA approved polypropylene plastic that is free of toxins and BPA, which makes it safe for the whole family.

Included in this bundle are 12 containers and 12 matching leak-proof lids. You'll find five different sizes: two rectangular 35-ounce containers, three rectangular 30-ounce containers, two round 20-ounce containers, two rectangular 19-ounce containers, and two rectangular 12-ounce containers. You'll be amazed at the range of foods you can store. It can be anything from sauces to vegetables to sandwiches.

These Fullstar containers are clear in color, but the lids offer a punch of color through a decorative rim that comes in blue, green, or red. These containers are compatible and safe to use in the refrigerator, freezer, and microwave. However, the lids are not microwave-safe, so ensure that you remove the lids before microwaving your meal.

When ready to be tucked out of the way, these containers can be stacked or nested together to save space in your fridge, freezer, or cupboard. 

Best Value

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Rubbermaid Vented Lids Plastic Food Storage Containers

Pack of 21 BPA-free containers with vented lids

The Rubbermaid vented lids plastic food storage containers come in a pack of 21 and are BPA-free. They feature vented lids, which makes them safe to use in the microwave.


  • BPA-free
  • Pack of 21
  • Vented lids
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe


  • May not be wide enough for sandwiches

Rubbermaid vented lids plastic containers come in a set of 21 and feature a convenient vented lid. These containers are BPA-free and are microwave and dishwasher compatible. In fact, the vented lid allows you to microwave your food safely. 

Included in this 21-pack of containers are five that hold 0.5 cups, six that hold 1.25 cups, six that hold 2 cups, two that hold 1 cup, one that holds 5 cups, and the largest container that holds 7 cups. These are great for storing foods such as sauce or liquids, casseroles, and salads. They may not be wide enough to hold a standard-sized sandwich, but they are tall enough to store enough soup to fill you up.

 When storing these Rubbermaid containers, you can nest the lids together and the containers together to save space. If you decide to throw them in your dishwasher for cleaning, ensure that you keep the lids on the top rack.

Best for Dry Food

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Senso Dry Food Storage Containers

Large four-pack of containers great for storing dry food

The Senso dry food storage containers come in a set of four large containers that are great for storing dry foods such as cereals or nuts in bulk.


  • Large containers great for cereal and bulk nuts
  • BPA free
  • Air-tight lids
  • Pack of four


  • Lids can be challenging to lock shut

The Senso Dry Food Storage Containers are the perfect containers for storing all of your dry foods such as oatmeal, cereal, nuts, or flour. These containers come in a set of four and feature air-tight lids that lock along the sides. You won't have to worry about pests or moisture creeping into your stored goods.

These containers are made from high-quality food-grade plastic and are BPA-free, which makes them safe for storing food long-term. The Senso Dry Food Storage Containers are larger and can accommodate up to 4 liters, 16.9 cups, or 135.5 ounces of food. One of these containers can fit a whole box of cereal. 

When storing these Senso containers, you can align them side by side. This not only makes your cupboard or shelf look neat, but some individuals enjoy the aesthetics of them in their kitchen. If you're someone who loves to grab-and-go your healthy snacks, then these containers are perfect for you. Simply snap open the lid, grab a handful of almonds, and carry on with your day. 

Some customers mention that the lids can be difficult to lock into place at first as you need to apply a lot of pressure. It helps to ensure they are perfectly aligned with the containers before the lids can snap shut.

Best for Kids

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EasyLunchboxes Bento Lunch Containers

Pack of four bento box lunch containers with fun colored lids

The EasyLunchBoxes Bento Lunch Containers come in a pack of four and feature three different food compartments and fun colored lids that your kids will love.


  • Pack of four
  • Come in fun colors
  • Kid-friendly lids
  • Three different compartments


  • Lids are not leak-proof

The EasyLunchboxes Bento Lunch Containers are fantastic for children as the rims to the lids come in fun and bright colors. They also feature three different compartments, so your child only has to open one container to have access to a variety of food items.

Available in a pack of four, these containers are FDA approved and BPA and toxin-free, making them safe for your toddlers. The lids are kid-friendly and easy to open; however, this means that they are not leak-proof. Your child will be able to access their lunch with ease. 

The three compartments allow you to control the portion sizes for your kids accurately. They also allow you to incorporate all the important food groups to help with their growth, all in one container. If your child is picky about different types of food touching each other, then the EasyLunchboxes Bento Lunch Containers are a great choice.

Storing and cleaning these containers has never been easier as they are microwave, fridge, and dishwasher safe. The boxes stack together when full and nest together when tucked away in your cupboard. That ensures that you are saving as much space as possible.

Bottom line 

Food storage is simple when you choose the right containers. With so many styles and package options available, it's essential to consider how you'll be using them. There are different containers for dry foods, liquids, meal preparation, and more. Some containers are safe to use in the fridge, microwave, and dishwasher, as well as containers that are not. Ensuring that you pick the right kind to suit your needs will make storing your food easier and more enjoyable.

We recommend the Fullstar Food Storage Containers with Lids. This variety pack comes in a set of 12 and features leak-proof lids, which makes them great for storing all kinds of solid foods, soups, or sauces. They're even BPA free, making them safe for the whole family.

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