Best fondue sets

Fondue sets
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Put simply, if you have a fondue set you have an excuse for a party. They are amazing for entertaining your friends and family around the dining table. Fondue sets can be split into two main categories, traditional pots that use an open flame to heat the contents, and more up-to-date (and arguably safer) electric versions. Whether you're going sweet, with chocolate or caramel, or savory with cheese, broth, or oil for cooking meat, we've found a superb selection of fondue sets, both traditional and electric, to suit you. 

Staff pick

Fondue sets

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Oster titanium infused DuraCeramic fondue maker pot

Great all-rounder for all types of fondue

We're huge fans of this versatile electric fondue maker from Oster. Aside from its contemporary looks, this sets' biggest selling point is the actual fondue pot. This is because it has an innovative Titanium infused DuraCeramic non-stick ceramic coating. This won't flake or peel, is easy to clean, lasts a lot longer than normal non-stick surfaces, and gets to temperature up to 30% faster. The removable, adjustable control is simple to use. This pot comes complete with eight fondue forks and a fork holder ring.

Traditional choice

Fondue sets

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Artestia cast iron fondue set

An attractive option for classic fondue

This traditional cast iron fondue set from Artestia is really attractive and would make a great centerpiece for any dining table. With a 1,200ml capacity (that's just over a quart) it is suitable for around six people. There is a gel, or paste, burner set into the grooved, black powder-coated metal plate base for your heat source. The splatter guard at the top of the pot has grooves for six forks, which are also included. They each have different color ends for easy identification. 

Cool-touch handles

Fondue sets

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Nostalgia FPS200 6-cup electric stainless steel fondue pot

A safe and stable choice for families

This stainless steel fondue set from Nostalgia is a good choice for safety-conscious diners thanks to the wide base to avoid spills and the large, cool-touch handles. It has a 1.5-quart capacity, good to heat up to three pounds of chocolate, cheese, or whatever you want to melt. The blue light temperature control works on a dial basis so it's easy to get the perfect heat level. Notches in the rim hold the six color-coded forks in place. The detachable parts are dishwasher safe.

Double the fun

Fondue sets

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Good Cooking dual electric melting pots

A chocolate-melting duo designed for desserts

This twin set of melting pots is designed especially to heat chocolate to the correct temperature for dipping, drizzling, or pouring into molds. It has dual controls, so you could do different types of chocolate in each pot. This good value set would make a great gift as it comes with over 30 accessories, all you need to get creating choco masterpieces. There are fondue forks for dipping fruit, larger prongs for bigger items, and seven chocolate mold trays of various shapes.

Teeny twin set

Fondue sets

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Prepworks by Progressive ceramic butter warmer fondue set

Tealight-powered mini burners ideal for butter

We're not suggesting this set is an alternative to a full-size fondue maker, but it's a useful option if you want to serve melted butter, or small quantities of other warm dips, such as olive oil mixes. Powered by tealight candles, which fit perfectly in the specially designed base, these have attractive curved legs. The ceramic pots can hold a capacity of five ounces. They are safe to go in the dishwasher once you've used them. 

Fountain of fun

Fondue sets

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Nostalgia CFF986 32-ounce stainless steel chocolate fondue fountain

This has the wow-factor for special occasions

An absolute classic for baby showers and weddings, this is a great example of the good ol' chocolate fountain. This is a four-tier auger-style version which will give you a continuous flow of chocolate down the tiers. The capacity is two pounds, ideal for a small party. As well as chocolate, this can be used for savory foods, such as nacho cheese or BBQ sauce. It's made of stainless steel, boasts easy assembly, and has simple controls. 

1000 watts of power

Fondue sets

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Cuisinart CFO-3SS electric fondue maker

Sleek and modern, this is a powerful option

If you're serious about your fondue and want to heat specialist fondue oil to cook raw meats and fish, consider this choice from Cuisinart. This modern-looking fondue maker boasts 1,000 watts of power, so it has the tech to bring the heat. There's an adjustable temperature probe with eight impressive heat settings. The pot itself is brushed stainless steel, has a generous three-quart capacity, and a non-stick interior. This comes with eight fondue forks, so is suitable for larger gatherings. 

Mini melter

Fondue sets

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NutriChef electric chocolate melting fondue set

Great for occasional use

Another option aimed at chocoholics, this is the perfect small-scale fondue pot for melting chocolate for family desserts. With a child-friendly plastic base and handle, the aluminum pot can be set to 140-degrees to melt the chocolate, then turned down to 109-degrees to keep warm mode. This comes with a spatula, a draining rack, a large heart-shaped mold, 10 plastic skewers, 10 plastic forks, and chocolate mold trays in various shapes. 

Available in four colors

Fondue sets

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Swissmar Sierra iron fondue 11-piece set

A timeless classic that exudes Swiss chic

Swissmar's "Sierra" fondue set is designed especially for heating oil or broth to an even, consistent temperature for dipping meats and fish. Made of enameled cast iron, the wide, straight-sided pot holds 1.6-quarts of liquid that is heated by the fondue flame inside the rechaud stand. There is a light wood base that's carved with a groove to securely hold the set while protecting from heat. This comes complete with a removable splash guard and six color-coded forks. 

Perfect for parties

Fondue sets

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Nostalgia CCA5 lazy Susan chocolate & caramel heated fondue set

This carousel set is so cool for kids

Perfect for children's parties, this set is all about full-on fun with its fairground-themed design and spinning lazy Susan construction. In the center there is a 16-ounce melting pot for your main ingredient, then six toppings trays that can hold food to be dipped or decorations. There are four decorating trays perfectly proportioned for apples, but can obviously have other uses too. This set comes with 25 wooden dipping sticks. 

Melting pot 

Our overall staff pick is the very capable Oster titanium infused DuraCeramic fondue maker pot. We like this set's safe, electric construction and its specialist ceramic cooking pot that is ideal for all kinds of heated liquids, even hot oil for cooking raw proteins. 

Anyone looking for a more traditional fondue set should consider the Swissmar Sierra iron fondue 11-piece set. This is classic, both in looks and operation, unchanged from the types of pot you'd get in Switzerland in the Sixties heyday of fondue parties. 

If you're looking for a chocolate melting option to treat your kids to a fancy chocolate dipping dessert on special occasions, then we recommend the NutriChef electric chocolate melting fondue set. It's safe for kids to use (younger ones under supervision) and is a nice compact size so won't take up too much cupboard space when not in use.