Best Electric Grills

(Image credit: George Foreman)

Traditional grills can be big, heavy, and difficult. Electric grills provide that same fun grilling experience, without the hassle and wait time of preparing a grill that requires a flammable fuel source. We've assembled a collection of the best outdoor electric grills available to make your next cookout a smash!

Best Overall

(Image credit: George Foreman)

George Foreman GGE50B

Drain the fat away

You'll be ready to cook fast on this 1600 watt electric grill. There are five temperature settings to choose from, a vented lid, and the plate is removable for easy cleanup. Plus, you get to take advantage of the patented slope design that lets fat drain away from meats.

Best Plug and Play

(Image credit: Weber)

Weber Q 1400 Electric Grill

No setup required

You're ready to start cooking right out of the box with the Weber Q 1400, as there are no parts to assemble. The 1560-watt grill offers 189 square inches of cooking space, and the aluminum liners help retain heat for even cooking.

Best Budget Pick

(Image credit: George Foreman)

George Foreman GF0240S

Comparable, high-quality features

It's easy to tell when you're ready to cook on this 1400 watt grill thanks to the indicator light. The cooking plate is not removable, but it is non-stick, so clean-up can still be a breeze. You'll also find all of the other features of the more expensive Goerge Foreman grill in our collection on this model for a reasonable price.

Large Cooking Area

(Image credit: Weber)

Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill

hot dogs, hamburger, and BBQ chicken oh my!

Need more space? The Weber Q 2400 has all the features of the Q 1400, except it, also has 280 square inches of cooking space -- the most available on any grill in our collection. Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates help distribute heat and are easy to clean.

Save time and money

Electric grills are cost-effective because you don't need to stock up on briquettes, wood, lighter fluid, or propane to use them. If you're ready to make the switch, the
George Foreman GGR50B is our favorite electric grill. The removable plates mean you can wash them in your sink, and everything you cook will have less fat thanks to the patented slope design. Barbecue with less guilt -- what's not to love about that?