Best electric can openers

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No kitchen set is complete without a can opener. Traditional, hand-operated can openers are slow, clumsy, and a bit of a workout for your hand. After you’ve done all that cranking, you still have to pull the razor-sharp lid apart from the rest of the can. Using an electric can opener, you can quickly take the lids off of any sized can with no physical exertion and less chance of slicing your hands. Check out our collection of the best electric can openers. 

Best overall

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Cuisinart deluxe electric can opener

A heavy base keeps the opener from tipping over

Sleek in appearance and powerful in action, this Cuisinart electric can opener makes quick work of any tin top. Just place the can under the magnet, and press down on the handle to begin opening. When finished, the lid will remain attached to the magnet for easy removal. 

Best value

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Amazon Basics electric can opener

Lock cans to avoid spills

The Amazon Basics electric can opener doesn’t cost a fortune, but you still get a good machine for opening cans of various sizes and heights. It features an automatic stop when it senses your can has been opened, plus a locking and release mechanism so your opened can doesn’t fall and cause a mess. The stainless steel blade is easy to clean between uses. 

Best handheld

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Kitchen Mama electric can opener

Avoid rough, sharp edges

This neat can opener is small enough to hold in your hand but powerful enough to open very large cans with ease. Attach the opener to the top of your can then press the button on top. This electric can opener will cut through the can itself right beneath the edge to avoid sharp edges. The Kitchen Mama opener requires four AA batteries. 

Best for tall cans

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Black+Decker extra-tall can opener

Bulk cans are no match

This electric can opener from Black+Decker is extra tall—11 inches. This makes it a great tool for opening taller cans, including #10 cans found at bulk food stores. The opener has a large magnet to keep ahold of cans and a stainless steel blade for smooth cutting. The handle is extra-long and wide to help you keep ahold of it during the entire opening process. 

Opening up

Now that you know the benefits of using an electric can opener, which one is for you? We think the Cuisinart deluxe electric can opener is the best pick for most people. This Cuisinart model will keep cutting year after year thanks to quality materials. And at this price point, it’s hard to beat the value.

For people opening a lot of tall cans, or those that may have difficulty positioning the can on the opener, we suggest the Kitchen Mama electric can opener. You set it on the edge of the can and press the top button to make it start cutting a smooth edge along the side of the lid. The lid even fits back on the can for temporary storage.

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