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Best coconut water

best coconut water
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The best coconut water is delicious and hydrating - but did you know that it contains more potassium than a banana, and it's full of electrolytes that'll help you recover from a workout? Our edit of the best coconut water includes much-loved standard options as well as a couple of twists on this popular drink. 

Staff pick

Vita Coco coconut water

(Image credit: Vita Coco)

Vita coco pure coconut water

The most-loved coconut water

The best coconut water is also the most recognisable. Vita Coco's original coconut water is the best selling beverage, made from hand-picked fruit from small farms all around the world. 

It's pure coconut water - nothing is added. Plus, it comes in a Tetra Pak, which means it can be recycled and it'll store for up to 12 months in the pantry. 

Can version

Tropical Sun coconut water

(Image credit: Tropical Sun)

Tropical sun 100 percent natural coconut water

Sold in 520ml cans

If you prefer to get your drinks in a can, you'll love Tropical Sun's coconut water. Nothing is added to the ingredients, and the smaller size means you're less likely to risk the drink going off. Plus, the cans are really easy to store.

Best for giving back

Chi coconut water

(Image credit: Chi)

Chi 100% pure coconut water

Comes with a charitable donation

Chi coconut water is pure, packed in recyclable Tetra Pak, and tastes fresh. But what's really great is that with every sale, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the One Seed One Life Charity Foundation. This means that every time you buy, you're helping to providing supplies to orphanages across Thailand, where this coconut water is made. 

Fruity coconut water

UFC Refresh coconut water with watermelon

(Image credit: UFC Refresh)

UFC refresh coconut water with watermelon

5% watermelon juice

UFC Refresh's coconut water with watermelon is made with pure coconut water and 5% fruit juice, for a flavoured option. The water comes from green coconuts harvested in Thailand and it's 100% natural. Plus, this is South East Asia's most popular coconut water brand. 

Sparkling and flavoured

Vita Coco sparkling coconut water

(Image credit: Vita Coco)

Vita coco sparkling coconut water

Pineapple and passionfruit flavoured

This coconut water is sparkling and flavoured with pineapple and passionfruit for a more interesting taste. Vita Coco's sparkling coconut water is a great alternative to fizzy drinks. While it's made with coconut water from concentrate, it still contains electrolytes and will give you a hint of the same benefits of pure coconut water. 

With coconut bits

Tropical Sun coconut water with bits

(Image credit: Tropical Sun)

Tropical sun coconut water with bits

Added pulp for extra flavour

This coconut water gets an injection of flavour thanks to the coconut bits, with a bit of sugar added too. It tastes how you'd imagine coconut water should. Plus, it comes in recyclable cans. 

The best coconut water

When you think of the best coconut water, do you think of this in it's purest form? If so, you'll love the options from Vita Coco and Tropical Sun. If you like to do some good while you sip, check out Chi's coconut water - a portion of each process goes to local orphanages in Thailand. 

If the best coconut water means the tastiest, the naturally flavoured watermelon coconut water from UFC Refresh will appeal. If you like your coconut water with a bit of sparkle, the fizzy option from Vita Coco is worth a try.

If you want coconut water that tastes the most like coconuts, then Tropical Sun's cans come with added coconut bits, for a flavour-boost.