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Best Markers for Kids

All the pens
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Marker pens come in all shapes and sizes. With the upsurge in kids at home or being homeschooled, having a good array of fun things to do is even more important. with the right art supplies, you can keep your kids amused and help you be productive in your home office.

There are a lot of different products to choose from out there, from artistic markers to fabric markers, and they all vary in the quality you can expect. We have found the best markers in a load of different categories just for you, so you can get started on your projects as soon as possible.

Sharpie highlighters

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Sharpie Clear View Highlighter Stick

Reasons to buy

For the hard workers

Highlighters are extremely helpful for anyone studying from home. Highlighting areas you need help with or that are especially important to remember makes life a lot easier.

With all-new homeschooled kids, now is a good time to pick up some highlighters for your new in-home school.

Stamp markers

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Magicdo Washable stamp Markers

Reasons to buy

Fun patterns

For the more artistic among us, these markers can be used to draw, but also have cool stamps on the top. They look really awesome on any artwork, and can also be used to mark your homeschooled kids work assignments.

Art markers

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These double-sided markers are perfect for creating beautiful art. The thin side allows excellent control when creating lines, while the thicker side allows for a lot of ink coverage in a short time.

My wife has a set of these and really enjoys the even coverage the markers create with every stroke.

Washable markers

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Crayola washable markers

Reasons to buy

For the wall artists

My two-year-old loves these markers. Actually, my two-year-old loves all markers, but we love these ones because they can be washed off the wall, floors, and doors, that she draws on.

These don't wash out of fabric well, but you can rest assured they will wipe off the hard surfaces with ease.

Fabric markers

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Another great way to keep your kids amused. These fabric markers, coupled with some white shirts, can be used to make your own custom school uniforms or just awesome costumes.

Needless to say, these markers do not come off of your clothes if they get there accidentally. They are designed for fabric so be careful!

Scented markers

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Another fun set of markers. These offer a sweet scent that matches the color of the pen. With smells like marshmallow, root beer, and cotton candy, you can be sure there is a delicious smell for everyone!

On your marks!

Marker pens are fun, easy to use, and offer a wide range of use cases for you to experiment with. We love the Sharpie highlighters (opens in new tab) for using at work and school; they are perfect for keeping important information front and center.

You can also pick up a pack of washable markers (opens in new tab) if your little ones are artistically minded but geographically challenged. My lovely little girl recently showed us how good she was at drawing circles. On my kitchen cupboards. I love her.

I especially like the fabric markers from Crayola (opens in new tab) as well. With my kid in homeschool right now, finding fun activities is of paramount importance. These fabric markers allowed my boy to draw where all his major organs are on a t-shirt that he now has to keep. It's pretty great.

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