Best aquariums

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There is no shortage of aquarium architecture for every budget and space. A beautiful average aquarium tank will tie together any modern-day decor, while a magnificent one becomes the focal point of any space. From freestanding to fishbowl options, you can cleverly integrate an aquatic center and nurture sea life from the comfort of your home or office.  The best part is the freedom to decorate and create a beautiful underwater environment. Here are our best aquariums for your next pet fish.

Staff pick

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MarineLand portrait LED aquarium Kit

Sleek and contemporary design

This 5-gallon aquarium kit is a perfect choice for desktops or side tables. It comes in stunning curved glass design with smooth rounded corners and a sliding glass canopy. The aquarium is fitted with white shimmering LEDs that mimic the effect of sunlight underwater, and blue LEDs for a soft moonlight glow at night. With a hidden 3-stage filtration system, there is nothing to obstruct the lovely view of your fish pet.


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Hygger Horizon LED glass aquarium kit

An excellent choice for starters and hobbyist

The 3D textured rocky mountain background gives this aquarium a natural feel, while the front convex curve shape creates a broader viewing angle. Measuring about 19" L x 11.8" W x 9.6" H, the tank can comfortably hold about ten mini fish and a small turtle, or just one betta fish. The sizeable 8-gallon tank allows your pet to exhibit regular fish activity with less buildup of toxins. Even better, the LED lights offer three different modes to help simulate sunlight and create a beautiful underwater effect at night.

Best for bigger spaces

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GloFish aquarium Kit fish tank

Comes with everything you need for an underwater wonderland

No better aquarium allows you to show off your personality and creative side than the GloFish aquarium. The tank comes with all essentials needed to create your desired underwater fluorescent wonderland regardless of age and skill level. The kit includes a 20-gallon tank, filters, heaters, LED hoods, LED light sticks, plants, anemone, a set-up guide, a water conditioner, and fish food. The GloFish is ideal for anyone with plenty of space to spare or looking to raise several fishes in a single unit.

Super convenient

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Tetra LED Half Moon aquarium

Powered by either batteries or a USB power cord

Whether you have a lot of space, or you do not, the stylish 1.1-gallon Tetra aquarium is perfect for a beginner or a child's room. Since the accompanying LED light is battery operated, the tank gives you the freedom to position it anywhere in the house. Alternatively, you can power the light via a USB port in case you run out of batteries. The half-moon design creates a wider viewing angle, while the clear canopy has holes to make feeding easy. 

Best value

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Fluval Spec III aquarium kit

Ideal for relatively small spaces

The Fluval Spec is pretty small in size but big in features and makes for a beautiful home for your pet fish. The aquarium has a tank capacity of about 2.6 gallons, which is perfect for small spaces. It includes a perfectly designed overhanging light system, a powerful circulation pump, along with a 3-stage filtration system. Everything you need to set up this aquarium comes in the box, and you can be sure that this tank will run just as well as the bigger stand-alone aquariums in the market. 

Best creative option

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Sweetsea wall mounted fish tank

Wall-mounted bowl aquarium

Besides being home to your fish pet, this hanging bowl aquarium doubles up as a planter and wall decorative piece. Built with high-quality transparent acrylic, the unit is very sturdy and easy to install. While there isn't much space in there, the fishbowl can comfortably hold one fish, a few decorative pebbles, and a small plant. Also, hanging an aquarium up the wall keeps the fish safe from kids and other pets.

Something different

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Lightahead Artificial Tropical fish aquarium

A virtual ocean in motion

There is no better way to get your little ones curious and interested in sea-life than using the Lighthead artificial aquarium. If you (or know someone) who has always wanted an aquarium without the hassle of having real fish, this makes an excellent option. The unit comes fitted with a moving aquatic picture that mimics water and tropical fish in motion — complete with the tranquility and soothing deep-sea environment. Besides, it doubles up as a place-holder in case your regular aquarium breaks or malfunctions. 

For James Pond and beautiful Betta

Aquarium tanks add a splash of life to both home and office spaces. And, your pet fish deserves a good home. While all of the options available are fantastic, the MarineLand Portrait LED Aquarium Kit is an excellent choice. With its contemporary design and medium capacity tank, it a perfect fit for any room with limited space. The rounded corners and clear glass canopy don't obstruct views from any angle.

However, if you could love a larger option to hold a decent number of small fish, go with the Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium. The 3D background rocky decor and unique convex arc curve shape give the tank a real underwater feel. Using the provided LED lights, you can make the underwater world more colorful by simulating day and night light spectrum.

Instead of a traditional fishbowl, why not get creative with Sweetsea Wall Mounted Fishtank? Having several hanging mini aquariums doubling up as planters will definitely spruce up your space.