Best washi tapes

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Applying washi tape to a journal, planner, or scrapbook lets you add a touch of personality. Some tape is brightly colored, while others come in natural hues. There are also options with shiny foil designs or patterns you’d spot in nature. Not sure which to choose? We’ve gathered a collection of the best washi tape for any project. 

Staff pick

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Agutape washi tape set

Most variations of color and patterns

Never get bored of a pattern again with this set of 48 washi tape rolls. There are chevron patterns, sparkly stars, and even hearts or polka dots. Each roll is 16.4-feet long and 0.12-inches wide, making it easy to complete several projects. 

Fun patterns

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Mindful Margins cute washi tape set

Decorate with designs inspired by warm weather

This set gives you three sizes of tape, ranging from very skinny at 0.12 inches to a wider 0.59 inches, all of which are 15-feet long. There are two heart patterns, one in black and white and the other in pink hues. You'll also see warm-weather-inspired patterns with waves and watermelons.  

Most themes

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Knaid washi tape set

Heavy emphasis on nature

Knaid offers four nature-inspired sets that vary in width: bright petals and leaves, vintage floral patterns, green leaves and branches, and a flora and fauna combination. There are even geometric and Kyoto sets. Each tape roll features rich colors that are hard to resist. It’s going to be hard to choose, so don’t limit yourself to one set. 

Glitzy gold

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Hwook gold foil washi tape set

Patterns shine through on colorful backdrops

Most of the tape in this collection has gold accents that sparkle in the light. There are aquatic designs with shimmery fish and shells, as well as animal and geometric prints. The tape can be removed and reused without leaving any sticky film behind. You’ll get 30 rolls in total, and each is 0.6-inches wide and 13-feet long. 

A little mix

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Ninico washi tape set

Eclectic collection of patterns and solids

Some projects are better suited to patterns, while others need a bolder approach with a solid color. This set of 30 rolls has patterns with ice cream, watermelons, plants, and even weather. The rolls are 0.4-inches wide and 16-feet long, so you can cover lots of surfaces. And if you need a break from patterns, there are also a few rolls of solid-colored tape included.

So glam

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YUKUNTANG skinny glitter washi tape set

Pure sparkle in every inch

Breakaway from patterns and single colors with this incredibly sparkly washi tape collection. The tape is ideal for borders around pages, headings, and photos. Their skinny form means you won't take over the project with too much glam...unless you want to.

Decorate everything

Choosing your favorite tape is going to be difficult with all of these beautiful choices. We recommend the Agutape washi tape set as a good place to start (or continue). All 48 rolls are the same size: 0.12-inches wide and 16.4-feet long. The patterns are mostly geometric and include some foil elements. These tapes will look good on any project, and their skinny size makes them easy to use for beginners.

Our second favorite option is the Knaid washi tape set. You’ll find vibrant scenes all over each roll, most of which have been inspired by nature, depicting flora and fauna. Geometric prints even make an appearance. The size of the rolls depends on the style you select. So, what are you waiting for? Make something beautiful with a washi tape set.