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Best Dumbells

Trainers and Dumbbells
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Staying indoors can be a real bind, especially if you are used to going out to the gym every couple of days. We've put together a list of some of the best dumbbells around to help you stay fit while being at home.

Small dumbbell set

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ZET Non Slip Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Set

Staff pick

Not all Dumbbells are for crunching huge weight. Sometimes all you need is some extra heft on your arms to help with your aerobic exercise. These dumbbells come in a handy case and three different weights to help you tone muscle and feel the burn.

Powerblock Elite

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PowerBlock Elite

Maximum pump

The Powerblock Elite is a little different from most dumbbell sets. The square weights are modular and can be adjusted easily to reduce or increase the amount of weight on each hand. With a weight range of 5-50 pounds, you will always have the right weight for the exercise.

Kids Dumbbell

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PowerTRC Adjustable Dumbell for Kids

Make the kids the fun

Not only are these plastic dumbbells brightly colored and fun, but they can also be used as real weights to help young kids stay fit and healthy along with their parents. Simply add a little sand or water into the weights and your little one can get fit and healthy as they play!

Ziva dumbbells

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ZIVA rubber Dumbbell

Solid starter set

These 16-pound dumbbells are an excellent choice for building muscle and increasing your muscle mass. The rubberized weight and triangular shape stops the dumbbell from rolling and makes them much safer when you drop them down on the ground.

Threaded Dumbbell set

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Sunny Health & Fitness 14 in Threaded Chrome Dumbbell Bar Pairs

If you have the weights

A lot of people will already have weights from a previous system, or from a barbell set already. These incredibly solid handles are already eight pounds and can be used with any standard weight set. The diamond knurling on the handle offers some excellent grip too.

Water weights

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wanzi2 Aquatic Fitness Barbells

Moist fun

If you are lucky enough to have regular access to a pool then these weights are extremely helpful. because of the size and buoyancy, they offer a lot of weight in the form of resistance. These a great buy if you like water aerobics.

Feel the pump!

When you are at home there is plenty of exercise equipment you will want to have on-hand to keep you fit. One of the staples is, of course, a set of dumbbells. If you are looking to use your weights to improve your cardio and perhaps tone your muscles, then the Qii lu Dumbbell Pairs are the right choice for you. The neoprene covering makes them easy to handle when you are using them, and the carry case makes them easy to store when you aren't.

For a more intense, muscle-building scenario you would do well to pick up a pair of the PowerBlock Elite dumbells. They are precision-engineered to give you the maximum workout for each weight and to target your muscle groups correctly.