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Best air hockey table

Best air hockey table
(Image credit: ESPN)

Move the competition inside and challenge your friends to an intense air hockey tournament on an impressive new table. Some of the air hockey tables we recommend sit on top of an existing table while others come with legs to stand on their own. Some are sneaky and include table tennis or other games as part of their set making them extra versatile and fun. 

Best overall

ESPN 5ft Air Hockey Table

(Image credit: ESPN)

ESPN 5-foot air hockey table (opens in new tab)

All the bells and whistles

This 5-foot air hockey table comes with cool sound effects and an LED scoreboard that automatically keeps score using the sensors inside the goal holes that are triggered when the puck makes it in. The four legs are extra thick and have adjustable levelers to help keep the table from wobbling during gameplay.


  • Special effect sounds
  • LED scoreboard
  • Adjustable leg levelers


  • Batteries required

The glossy finish of the ESPN 5-foot air hockey table creates the perfect surface to play on. The 120-volt fan maintains consistent airflow throughout the entire table to ensure fair and unhindered gameplay, even when the game gets a little more intense and competitive. The dual pucks and the hand-held pushers glide effortlessly, ensuring your game is never interrupted by sticking or bouncing. The air holes do become dirty and clogged over time. Using a vacuum and a dry cloth to loosen and remove dust and dirt particles helps it keep everything clean and always ready. The only real drawback of this air hockey table is that it does require batteries in order for the sound effects and scoreboard to work. While you can still play without using these features, there isn't another way to easily keep score.

Best value

Best Choice Products Arcade Style Air Hocky Table

(Image credit: Best Choice Products)

Best Choice Products arcade-style air hockey table (opens in new tab)

Mid-sized for kids and adults

The Best Choice Products air hockey table looks like the ones you find in arcades and commercial game rooms. It stands 58-inches long, which is perfect for both kids and adults. The four wide legs are reinforced with crossbars so you can play hard without them wobbling or coming loose, plus the leg levelers are adjustable.


  • Vibrant design
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Reenforce legs


  • Small scoreboard
  • Not for small children

The bright and fun design is a definite hit with kids and adults, though it may be a little too high for children under 8 years old. The Best Choice Products air hockey table has a digital scoreboard that will automatically keep score as goals are made. It is situated on the side of the air hockey table and is a little small, so it's more difficult to see at a glance who's winning. There is also a manual slider-style scorekeeper in front of each player. This air hockey set comes with two pushers and two pucks, plus a carrying bag to keep all the accessories together in between games.

Best multiuse

(Image credit: MD Sports)

MD Sports multi-game combination table set (opens in new tab)

Four different games

The MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set comes fully equipped to offer four different games with different surfaces and accessories included. The table for all games measures 54-inches long which is good for both kids and grown-ups to play comfortably.


  • Four different games
  • Fits in most rooms
  • Comes with lots of accessories


  • Tricky to initially assemble

When you get bored of air hockey, you can switch out the game table and play pool, table tennis, or foosball. All of the accessories needed to play each game come with this set. To switch from game to game, stack the playing field of your choice at the top. Each surface is carefully manufactured to lock into place with minimal movement for optimal playing. This MD Sports table is designed to withstand the wear and tear of healthy competition and is made of durable materials such as PVC, metal, and wood. Putting the table together initially can be tricky a bit tricky. We recommend reading the included instructions carefully and asking for someone to lend an extra pair of hands.

Best tabletop

(Image credit: Sport Squad)

Sport Squad HX40 40-inch tabletop air hockey table (opens in new tab)

Bring gaming to every surface

This air hockey table is perfect for resting on top of any tabletop surface. It comes equipped with rubber pads to keep your tables scuff-free while also keeping the air hockey table still as you play. You can also set and play this game on the floor.


  • Light and compact
  • Rubber pads protect your tabletop
  • Easy assembly


  • Manual score keeping only
  • Fan stops working over time

The Sport Squad HX40 4O-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Table measures at 40 x 20 x 5 inches and weighs only 14 pounds, which makes it perfect for perching on top of a table or similar surface. But don't let its compact size fool you as this air hockey table is sturdy and durable. It is made from high-grade medium density fiberboard, which means it performs better than solid wood. You keep track of your score through the manual sliding abacus rather than a digital scoreboard. The built-in fan allows the puck and pushers to glide across the surface effortlessly and without any unwanted friction. However, it has been mentioned that over time the fan stops working.

Best portable

(Image credit: Rally and Roar)

Rally and Roar travel-size air hockey table (opens in new tab)

Bring it with you

This air hockey table is super light. It is made from durable fiber wood and has shorter legs that make it easier to take along on trips or transport to parties. Though it is miniature in size compared to other air hockey tables, this one still has an electronic scoreboard.


  • Easy assembly
  • Portable
  • Durable


  • Miniature table
  • Batteries not included

The Rally and Roar Travel Size Air Hockey Table measures 42.6 x 23 x 5 inches and weighs a light 20 pounds. Assembling this table is extremely easy. All you need to do is attach the padded legs and the goal boxes, and it's ready to be used. When you're ready to play, plug in the table, and enjoy the smooth feel of the puck and pushers gliding over the surface. The included AC-12 volt motor keeps the air flowing perfectly so you can focus on your game. It features an electronic scoreboard and a manual scoreboard to make the game more interesting. Also included are two mini pucks and two mini pushers. This table also requires two AAA batteries, which are not included.

Replacement accessories

Extra air hocky paddles and pucks

(Image credit: Amazon)

Qtimal Home standard air hockey paddles and pucks (opens in new tab)

Extra pushers and pucks

If you've already got a hockey table, or you want to have a few extra paddles and pucks on hand, we recommend this set. It comes with two extra air hockey paddles with felt on the bottom to protect the table and help them glide over the air. It also has six pucks and a storage bag to keep them all toether.

Score big with an air hockey table

Challenge your friends to a friendly competition of air hockey. Add in chilled drinks and snacks and you have the perfect mix for a party. We recommend the ESPN Hockey Game Table (opens in new tab) because it's designed to keep your friends and family engaged and get the banter rolling. It is visually appealing and offers a smooth and glossy playing surface, so there never has to be discussions of unfair rulings due to pucks or pushers sticking or bouncing. The score is kept automatically with the electronic LED scoreboard that spans across the table and is large enough for players and fans to watch and keep tabs.

Take your gameplay a step further by purchasing a table that offers more than one game. We like the MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set (opens in new tab) because it also comes with the table and accessories for foosball, table tennis, and pool. It takes longer to assemble this particular table, but it's worth it because of all the fun you'll have with its variety of options.

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