Best baseball gloves

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Finding the right baseball glove, especially for beginners, can be an extreme sport. But, we are here to help you break-in with ease. Baseball mitts come in different web configurations, sizes, and shapes to cater for various ages and skill levels. While outfielders can comfortably use a glove made for pitchers, it's not the case with first basemen and catchers. So, which are the go-to baseball gloves? Here is our list of the very best.

Staff pick

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Rawlings Player Preferred glove series

Designed for players of various age and skill levels

Rawlings' Player Preferred Series is designed for recreational baseball infielders of various ages and skill levels. The glove comes game ready with 80% factory break-in. A Zero Shock palm pad creates the perfect cushion against impact, while the back is enhanced with a Velcro strap for a customized fit around the wrist. All this is perfectly woven into a soft shell, which makes it easy to catch fly balls and grab up grounders. It's available in a number of sizes, for both left and right-hand orientation. 

Next best alternative

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Franklin Sports Field Masterbaseball and softball glove

Outfielders's mitts

Franklin's Field Master mitts are crafted from premium synthetic leather, which mimics the performance of genuine leather but without the lengthy break-in period. These mitts are available in a range of colors and sizes for both adults and young players. For a comfortable fit, a player can adjust the wrist straps and the thumb contour fit system. Also, the glove allows the hand to form a natural pocket with a responsive feel for making scoops and catches without missing.

Multiple position mitts

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Wilson A2000 baseball glove series

Hand-crafted to perfection

The Wilson A2000 series is one of the most acclaimed baseball gloves for multiple position players as well as middle infields and third basemen. This glove is available for left and right hand oriented players and has a shallow pocket that flares into shape after the break-in. To achieve such a durable, light, and comfortable glove, Wilson uses the H web design and rugged luxurious Pro Stock leather. Like almost every other Wilson glove, it is also handcrafted to perfection. 

Best youth glove

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Mizuno Prospect PowerClose baseball glove series

Butter soft palm liner

If you have kids and teens interested in learning baseball, the Mizuno Prospect PowerClose glove is a perfect choice. The glove is built from full-grain pigskin leather and enhanced with PU palm lining for durability and comfort. Mizuno combines PowerClose technology with a flex web design to allow learners to close the glove with ease. The overall design is geared towards protecting kid's palms while providing maximum comfort. And, that's how prospects learn to enjoy the game. 

Best value

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Rawlings Sandlot Series

Zero shock palm pad

The Rawlings Sandlot baseball glove series strikes a perfect balance between comfort and performance.  First off, it features a vintage design built from full-grain, oiled for durability. Second, the mouldable padding has a zero shock lining to protect your palm and finger from the ball impact. Besides, the mitts come 90 percent broken in, which gives you an immediate advantage on the baseball field. They are an absolute win for any catcher. 

Diverse options

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Wilson A2K Series baseball glove

Premium perfection

Wilson is known for making good quality sporting merchandise, and the A2K baseball glove is just as good. The glove is made from flawless Pro Stock Select leather, which is twice as durable as regular leather and super light. Every little detail is meticulously hand-crafted by experienced craftsmen. The H-Web closed design reduces break-in time, and the double palm construction guarantees pocket safety and stability. This infielder's mitt is available in a wide range of lengths and web styles.

Got to catch them all

Whether catching baseballs in the backyard or on the field, using the right glove adds absolute comfort to the fun.

Our favorite mitt has to be the Rawlings Player Preferred Glove Series. It comes with zero shock palm padding for maximum protection, and it's available in a range of styles best suited for different play positions. The glove is ready to use right after the purchase thanks to an 80% factory break-in.

Grab the Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Series for teens and kids learning to play catch, and get them off to a good start. The butter-soft palm liner provides a comfortable feel for young players, while the full-grain pigskin leather offers durability. For a more premium play feel with a vintage look, go with the Rawlings Sandlot Series. The craftsmanship and overall design are a cut above the rest, meaning you will have the same glove for years to come.