Best Archery Targets

Bronze archer
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Archery is a fantastic sport that can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. There are so many great choices of target out there that picking our best one wasn't easy but we struck true with these ones.

Because I work from home my son and I have a range set up in the background so we have included some great backyard targets too.

Best for power

Morrell heavy duty

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Morrell Double Duty 450FPS

There are a lot of targets that are aimed at a specific bow or power ratio. The Morrell double duty is not aimed at a specific bow but aimed at all bows. Whether you have a compound, recurve, or even a crossbow, this target will take the arrow and stop it dead.

I love these targets. Sometimes, when I have less room to shoot, I can use these at 10 yards and have the peace of mind that they will stop anything I can throw at them safely.

Great multi-buy


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DOSTYLE 20 inch Traditional Solid Straw Archery Target

Use these smaller targets at different distances to spice things up

I love the look of these targets as they remind me of the club bosses I used as a kid, though much smaller. The tightly wound straw has a lot of stopping power, and the bright colors mean you don't need a paper target to accurately see your scores.

I like to have six of these placed at five-yard spaces on my little range. It lets me have a more varied shooting distance. I also like to hang them on trees and shoot them from a walking route. It's like hunting for straw; it's a lot of fun.

Shooting for two

Bulldog Target

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Bulldog Double Dog Archery Target

Even at 10 yards this beast of a target has a lot of stopping power

If you are backyard shooting or shooting in a small area it can be difficult to shoot with a friend safely. The Bulldog is extra wide, allowing you to get two targets side-by-side easily. The 10-inch thick foam is also excellent at stopping at arrows even at close range.

Hunting practice

Deer target

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Shooter Buck 3D

For that true bow hunter feel try this young buck

These dear targets are a little creepy to me, but I understand why people like to use them. They give you a really good idea of where to hit a dear if you ever want to go hunting for real.

This target also has a removable Killzone — the area where you want your arrows to go most of the time — so you can easily replace it, rather than having to replace the entire model. 

360 targets


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Rinehart broadhead target

USe this target to practice with your hunting arrows.

Due to the nature of most of the targets in this list, broadhead arrows — arrows designed to hunt with — are not recommended as they destroy the target much more quickly.

This target is made from self-healing foam designed to take the impact of a broadhead arrow. I like to hang these from a tree and treat them as a moving target. It's fun to hit the bullseye as the target spins.

Aim small, miss small

Having your own archery target in the back yard is a lot of fun. I do, and my kid and I like to shoot arrows on the weekend. We also like to shoot at a local club when we can. The targets we use at home — the Morrell double duty — are perfect as they have such good stopping power, we can use how boys at just 10 yards and not have to worry about over-penetration. We can also take them with us when we want to shoot further.

Another great alternative for duo shooting is the Bulldog double dog. It's wide and deep, making it perfect for shooting in a small location safely. Having the room to put up two sets of targets is invaluable especially if you have youngsters who don't want to wait in line!

If you have never tried archery before and you are looking for your first target, any one of these on the list will be a great way to start your adventure. Aim true!

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