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Best Whiteboards

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Whiteboards, also referred to as dry marker or dry erase boards, are no longer a preserve for learning institutions, offices, and board rooms. They are must-have equipment in any space that needs written illustrations. Unlike classic chalkboards, whiteboards have eliminated the hassle of chalk dust, are portable, and easy to wipe without leaving traces. These boards come in different sizes and with varying mobility features. Besides, they are built from a range of materials like melamine, glass, painted steel, or aluminum. Lets us dive into some of the best whiteboards available today.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Maxtek Easel Whiteboard

Easel board

The whiteboard is attached to an easel stand, which gives it a perfect ergonomic angle. The board's frame has five castor wheels with a braking system, for mobile convenience. Since the writing surface is magnetic, you can attach papers and photos for better illustration.

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Officeline Ultra-Slim Whiteboard

Slim and stylish

Available in three sizes, this Officeline whiteboard makes learning, teaching, or brainstorming a lot easier. Despite it being super light and slim, the board is very sturdy once you mount it on a wall. It comes with a dry erase pen, magnets, and a cloth eraser. And the price? Just right!

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U Brands Dry Erase Board

Mini board

It is bundled into a pack and comes in two sizes; 8.5'' x 11'' and 14'' x11''. The board's miniature size makes it perfect for kids and setting reminders or memos. It comes with double-sided velcro mounting strips for easy mounting to virtually any flat surface.

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Mount-it! Mobile Whiteboard

Mobile convenience 

This Mount-it! Whiteboard can be mounted on the wall or attached to a metal frame with rubber castor wheels. Even better, you can write on either side of the board. The Mount-it! is magnetic and comes with a couple of magnetic accessories to get you started.

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Audio-Visual Direct Glass Dry-Erase Board

Tempered glass

The board's frame-less design will give any space a stylish and sophisticated look. It is built from either frosted,  transparent, or opaque tempered glass. The glass creates a durable, smooth writing surface that is also easy to clean without ghosting. You can mount it vertically or horizontally.

Our top picks 

As much as the material, size, and mobility features of a whiteboard are important, remember to use the right dry erase markers and erasers. Luckily, most of the whiteboards mentioned above come with dry-erase markers and erasers.

For absolute ergonomic convenience and mobility, we recommend the Maxtek Easel  Whiteboard. Besides having a sturdy build, the board's height is adjustable. It comes with a flipchart pad of 25 sheets of paper. 

The small-sized U Brands Dry Erase Board is a good fit for kids, as a bulletin wall or as a reminder. It is easy to clean without ghosting. The board comes with a double-sided hook and loop fastener so you can easily mount it to any flat surface.