Best Wall Shelves

BAYKA Floating Shelves
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A pair of simple floating shelves can instantly change the look and feel of a room. Whether you fill it with books, plants, frames, or your kids' favorite found objects, the possibilities are really endless. Now is the perfect time to refresh and redecorate with a few new shelves. These are our favorites.

Staff Pick

BASE ROOTS Hanging Shelves

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BASE ROOTS Hanging Shelves

Rope swing style

The simple aesthetic, modern lines, and naturally sourced materials of these shelves are a pleasure to behold. They are not overly large or bold, but definitely eye-catching. Because of their small size and light color scheme, they will only enhance the beauty of any treasured objects they may hold. 

Industrial Rustic Fusion

BAYKA Floating Shelves

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BAYKA Floating Bracket Shelves

When Paulownia wood and steel collide

Can't decide if you want a rustic look or industrial design? Why not both? This unique set of three floating shelves bring together the rustic look of reclaimed wood and industrial steel brackets for a striking aesthetic. Whether your home is farmhouse chic or contemporary cool, these shelves will fit right in. 

Cubist Aesthetic

MELANNCO Floating Cube Shelves

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Melannco Floating Cube Shelves

Contemporary and fun shelving solution

Both minimalists and artsy types will enjoy the effortless charm of these cube shelves. They create an instant frame around any objects you'd like to emphasize for a three-dimensional appeal. Install the set of three floating cubes in any design to suit your style and preferences. 

Corner Nook


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Shelving Solution Corner Wall Shelf

Dress up that boring corner

Have a sad, empty corner that wants a little more pizazz? Throw in some corner shelves! Set against a white wall, these corner shelves will blend into the background, letting the attention remain on whichever decorative elements you choose to set on them. 

Picture Perfect

Wallniture Floating Display Ledge

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Wallniture Floating Display Ledge

The perfect place for books and frames

Here's a thin, barely there floating ledge that's perfect for any set of books or frames you'd like to put on display. We like it for a collage of frames and artwork, but it would also be a great space-saving bookshelf for a bedroom. 

That DIY Look

Homissue Pipe Shelving Unit

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Homissue Rustic Pipe Shelving Unit

Reclaimed wood + reclaimed pipes = really cool shelf!

Now this is the industrial shelf you need for bachelor pads and contemporary spaces. The combination of industrial pipes and reclaimed wood has a decidedly DIY look to it. If you want to pretend you built it yourself, we'll never tell! 

Rustic Chic

Emfogo Floating Shelf

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Emfogo Floating Shelf with Drawer

Extra useful rustic shelves provide extra storage

If a bit of extra storage is what you need, consider this set of floating shelves from Emfogo. They have a delightful rustic look to begin with, but the best part is the pair of drawers that is nestled inside each one. Quite a convenient decor element, indeed!

Shiny Storage

Display4top Floating Glass Shelf

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Display4top Floating Glass Shelf

Extra minimalist transparent shelving

Minimalize much? Then this is your shelf. Minimalist to the point of transparency, your decorative objects will appear to float in mid-air on this beautiful glass shelf. It's also an excellent choice for adding bathroom shelf space. 

Start Shelving

We're sure that one of the shelving solutions above will be the perfect addition to your space. We're smitten with the BASE ROOTS Hanging Shelves because of their unique rope swing appearance and naturally sourced materials. They have a cute, charming appeal that will fit into most decor styles.

Of course, minimalists will want something extra simple like the Display4top Floating Glass Shelf, while others might prefer a more industrial look, such as this set of Homissue Rustic Pipe Shelves. Your choice will definitely depend on your own taste and decor style, but soon enough you'll be adding something new and fresh to your walls.