Best Tarot Cards

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Tarot cards have been used for a long time as a way to tell possible futures, but they're also a great way to use introspection and take a look at your inner life. Whether tarot decks actually have oracular abilities is up to each person, but they can be an interesting way to take a deeper look at your life and choices in a witchy way. 

Best Overall

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Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

Learn what the cards say with a full deck & guidebook

Tarot decks have been a method of looking into the future for generations. The method has come back into popularity in the last decade or so, and this option comes with a full 72-card deck and a guidebook to help you learn what the meaning of each card is. The illustration style for each card is minimalist, but the cards are made from premium stock and ready to be handled for as many readings as you can handle. 

Classic Option

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The Rider Tarot Deck

Peek at your future with these classic cards

When you think of Tarot cards, you may be thinking of a particular art style. Chances are your mind is going to the Rider Tarot deck, popularized in the early 1900s. Considered one of the top all-time tarot decks, this option is easy to do readings with. The cards are labeled clearly, making interpretation a smidge easier than it would have been otherwise. 

Witchy Vibes

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Everyday Witch Tarot

A witchy option for beginners

For many practicing witches, or folks who like to dip their toe into the esoteric, Tarot Decks are an easy place to start. The Everyday Witch Tarot is built for those beginning to practice with Tarot and features gorgeous artwork, and easy to read cards that are based on the Rider-Waite deck.

Best Modern

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Mystical Mondays Tarot

Mysticism made modern

Practicing with Tarot cards doesn't have to require a spooky setup, and for many folks who do readings, it's something that is just a part of their routine. The Mystical Mondays Tarot keeps that in mind, delivering an updated style and look for the 78-card deck. It also includes a guidebook to make interpreting readings easier for beginners. 

What does your future hold?

Tarot decks might not really be a way to look into the future but they are an interesting way to practice mindfulness and introspection. Whether you think you're really looking into the future, or you're just interested in the cards themselves, there are hundreds of different decks out there that you can pick up.

Our favorite is the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck. It comes with beautifully designed cards that are printed on premium cardstock so they'll last even if you're doing daily readings. It also includes a guidebook so you can learn about each card in the major and minor arcana while doing readings!