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Best standing desks

best standing desks
(Image credit: Kennyrhoads / Creative Commons)

The best standing desks can usually be split into two types: desks that you can raise, or converters that you can put on the top of your desk. 

If you want a desk that you can raise, you can get some brilliant options that will lift at the touch of a button and have plenty of desk space, or you can go more low-tech and get something that you can pull up yourself. 

If you already have a decent desk, it's much cheaper to get a converter that will turn your normal desk into a standing one. These tend to have a gas spring-assisted height adjustment, so it's easy to simply boost it to the desired height.

Best standing desk

FLEXISPOT standing desk

(Image credit: FLEXISPOT)

FLEXISPOT e1 electric standing desk

Everything you need

The best standing desk is this model from FLEXISPOT, because it's full of bells and whistles. It has an electric motor lift mechanism to adjust the height smoothly and you can pre-set three different heights. 

It's big enough to fit two monitors plus everything else you need and can support 70 kilograms of weight. Plus, it has an alarm that alerts you when it's time to change your position and remain comfortable. And you can choose from six designs, so there's a style for everyone.

Best desk converter

PUTORSEN standing desk

(Image credit: PUTORSEN)

PUTORSEN standing desk converter

Sits on top of your desk

PUTORSEN's stand sits on top of your desk to transform it into a standing one. Its gas spring-assisted height adjustment means you just pull the handles and it will raise easily. Plus it has a separate tier for your keyboard and mouse, is big enough for two monitors, and can hold up to 17 kilograms.

Best budget all-rounder

soges standing desk

(Image credit: soges)

soges adjustable stand up desk

Two adjustable platforms

This adjustable desk from soges has two different levels to it. They can be adjusted separately or configured into one big desk space. Moving the desk to a standing position is as simple as unscrewing the side and pulling the table up, then securing it. And it comes with a couple of nice touches like a cable management clip and wheels with brakes.

Best entry-level

D L and Home standing desk

(Image credit: D L and Home)

DlandHome adjustable laptop stand

Simple and affordable

DlandHome's standing desk is designed for light laptops, but will hold up to 30 kilograms. It's super simple and is easily extended by pulling the stand up or down. It's an ideal first standing desk and is so compact that it would be great for anyone trying to put together an office from home.

Which is the best standing desk?

If you want a proper standing desk that you can raise and lower at the touch of a button, then FLEXISPOT's E1 desk is ideal. But if your budget is lower, it's worth considering the converter from PUTORSEN because it will transform your desk without starting from scratch. 

If you don't have a desk and you want an affordable option that you can raise and lower with your own steam, soges' adjustable desk is a good compromise. And if you don't have much to spend on the best standing desk, but you want something entry-level to give the concept a try, DIandHome is a bargain adjustable laptop stand. However, it won't be anywhere near as comfortable as the other options.