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Best spray bottles

best spray bottles
(Image credit: Photo by Anton on Unsplash)

The best spray bottles should be big enough to hold the right volume of liquid - and leakproof, in case they get knocked over. 

Most use a trigger function to spray liquid, but you can find some that will use a pump. The best sprays let you alternate between a spray and a mist, which is usually done by twisting a nozzle. And if you have children, look for a spray bottle that can be turned off so it can't be used by accident.

Best value

babacom spray bottles

(Image credit: babacom)

Babacom spray bottle

500ml trigger sprayer

The best spray bottle is versatile: you can use for cleaning, air freshening, gardening, and more. This 500ml trigger spray from Babacom has an adjustable nozzle that varies from a fine mist to a strong spray. You can also turn it off, to stop little hands from accidentally spraying anything toxic when the trigger is pulled. 

Best 750ml spray

zellypower spray bottle

(Image credit: zellypower)

Zellypower 750ml spray bottles

Two-pack for etra value

These are the best spray bottles if you're looking for a larger 750ml volume. They're odorless and leak-proof and can be reused countless times. And you can choose whether to mist or shoot a spray when you pull the trigger.  Oh, and did I mention there are two of them in the pack?

Best for 1ltr

diamond spray bottle

(Image credit: diamond)

Diamond shine system spray bottle

Two-pack with large capacity

This is the best spray bottle if you're looking for something to hold a litre of liquid, and you like the value of a two-pack. They're clear, so you can tell what's in each bottle.

Best glass spray

amber glass spray bottle

(Image credit: amber)

Amber glass spray bottles

Reusable and eco-friendly

This triple-pack is the best spray bottle set made from glass that we have seen. They're designed to last longer than plastic, but don't cost a premium — and they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. They're protected from UV and oxidation damage and of course, allow you to choose between a spray and a mist. 

Best for beauty

uervoton hair spray bottle

(Image credit: uervoton)

Uervoton water mister

Two-pack of 60ml sprays

The best spray bottles for beauty use are these, from Uervoton. They hold up to 60ml of liquid and produce a fine mist spray, making them perfect for toners, rose water, and more. The pump is easy to use, and it comes with a dust cap to keep it clean. 

Best for travel

whpawh travel mini spray bottles

(Image credit: whpawh)

Whpawh travel atomiser set

Decant your liquids for travel

If you're about to travel with hand luggage, this set offers the best spray bottles. The kit includes six 50ml spray bottles, plus two funnels to easily decant liquids and 24 labels. Each produces a very fine mist with a strong force, so you can spray a decent distance. 

Find the best spray bottle

The main difference between the best spray bottles is their volume. 500ml is a common size, and it's not hard to find 1ltr bottles either — but it's tougher to get a 750ml spray bottle.

The best spray bottle in terms of value is the 500ml Babacom one. But if you'd like bigger spray bottles, you can choose the multi-pack of 750ml and 1ltr. If your goal is to rid your home of non-essential plastic, you may prefer the glass spray bottles. Or if you'd like the best spray bottles for beauty, the water mister or travel set is ideal.