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Best spice rack

spice rack
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A spice rack is an essential tool to keep your kitchen organized. Cooking requires precise timing and measured ingredients. So, if you properly arrange your spices and herbs, finishing a great, flavorful meal will be easier. We evaluated several spice racks to make sure they are sturdy enough for your needs. Choose from our list of favourite options. 

Best overall

spice rack

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Maison & White 3-tier herb and spice rack (opens in new tab)

Your spices can go on the counter or on the wall

The Maison & White spice rack allows you to store up to 18 of your favourite herbs and spices in one spot. You have the option to keep it on the counter or using the included hooks to hang it safely on the wall. This design means that no matter where you need your spices, they will be easy to access.

Speaking of design, the classic black look should be a great addition to just about any kitchen style. Three rows of storage will let you display your herbs for pleasure, as well as for easy access. The included non-slip feet mean you can safely work in wet conditions on your counter.

Best height

spice rack

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EZOWare 2-tier kitchen countertop spice rack (opens in new tab)

Taller spices will easily fit on this rack

The EZOWare 2-tier spice rack has an unusually tall bottom shelf that allows you to store taller spices and herbs. Heavy items will easily stay in place due to the sturdy design. Yet the rack is compact enough to fit on a counter or to slide into many kitchen cupboards.

Best flexibility

spice rack

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mDesign expandable kitchen cabinet spice rack (opens in new tab)

The shelves can expand or contract according to your needs

The mDesign expandable kitchen cabinet spice rack widens for more storage or contracts for more counter space. With three racks of different heights, you can store many types of herbs and spices. The sturdy, stainless steel construction makes it a smart addition to any kitchen.

Best value

spice rack

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Kitchenista free-standing spice rack (opens in new tab)

This spice rack is a simple storage solution

The Kitchenista spice rack is perfect for chefs just beginning their cooking journey. This rack is an affordable option that will remain sturdy on the counter, even when carrying a full load of jars and containers. Its universal size should allow you to fit just about any kind of herb or spice you find at the supermarket.

Bottom line

Our pick is the Maison & White 3-tier herb and spice rack (opens in new tab) because it looks good while being a flexible storage solution. The three ample racks of storage will allow you to put up to 18 jars of herbs and spices within easy reach. It has a classic black wire look that will be a great addition to nearly any kitchen style.

Safety is a prime consideration, between the non-slip feet on the bottom or the strong hooks that can attach the spice rack to the wall. You can store even large jars on these racks with the knowledge that your spices will be secure in their spots.

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