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Best shower curtain liner

Black and white shower with curtain
(Image credit: Andrea Davis on Unplash)

Shower curtain liners are designed to keep water inside your tub and moisture away from fabric curtains so they don’t get wet or mildew. You can use them with a plastic shower curtain, too. Liners are typically clear or opaque in a neutral color so as not to detract from the decorative curtain. Here are some of the best choices, including eco-friendly. 

Best overall

(Image credit: LiBa)

LiBa shower curtain liner


The LiBa curtain liner is the best of the best, with mildew resistance and rust-proof hooks to hang it with. Not to mention, it is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly with the PEVA coating that will keep your family safe.


(Image credit: AmazerBath)

AmazerBath shower curtain

The liner and curtain duo

While this is technically a curtain, it can also double as a liner for your tub. It's completely waterproof and includes rust-proof metal hooks as well. There are also weights at the bottom, so it won't move and keeps water from getting out of your shower or tub.

Basic liner

(Image credit: AmazonBasics)

AmazonBasics shower curtain liner

As simple as they get

AmazonBasics is a great way to go when it comes to something on the cheaper end of the scale. This liner is made with heavyweight vinyl, so your curtain won't move much while you're bathing. It's also been treated to prevent mold and mildew.

Best value

(Image credit: iDesign)

iDesign shower curtain liner

An affordable choice

This particular shower curtain liner is made from mold-resistant material and is easy to clean with regular soap and water. The metal grommets are rust-proof, and the weights keep it in place so water doesn't seep out of the shower.

Fabric liner

(Image credit: N&Y HOME)

N&Y HOME shower curtain liner

Fabric and waterproof

This shower curtain liner is completely made of waterproof fabric, which means you can clean it in your washer. It's also treated to keep the water beads on the surface so it will quickly dry once you're done showering.

Hookless liner

(Image credit: Hookless)

Hookless shower curtain liner

No hooks required

The Hookless curtain liner snaps right into any hook-free shower curtain or around its own curtain rod. The liner is detachable, and since it's fabric, you can throw it right into the wash to clean it. Without hooks, this option is much easier to take care of.

Keep your curtain safe

An excellent shower curtain needs a great liner to keep it in the best shape. Using the LiBa shower curtain liner, you'll know that your curtain is completely protected. With mildew resistance as well as rust-resistant hooks, you won't have to worry about replacing this option any time soon. It's also effortless to clean since all you need is some soap and a sponge.

The N&Y HOME shower curtain liner is another excellent selection if you're looking for something straightforward. Since this style is made of fabric, you can throw it into your washer and have it just like new in a breeze. Plus, it dries rather quickly due to the waterproof coating.

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