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Best Reusable Shopping Bags

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There's no need for single-use plastics when you shop with a reusable shopping bag. Reusable shopping bags are durable and spacious eco-friendly carryalls designed to accommodate every purchase. These sustainable bags are also lightweight and portable to make your shopping experience seamless from cart to car. If reusable shopping bags are on your shopping list, you can go green with this curated collection.

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BeeGreen Reusable Shopping Bags - 5 Pack

Bold eco carryalls

If you're going on a shopping run, bring these reusable shopping bags by BeeGreen. Each of the five large bags in this set, sized at 15-by-16-by-6 inches, is made of durable ripstop nylon, designed to hold a whopping 50 pounds without tearing. The tough fabric is also lightweight, which makes these shoulder-ready bags easy to tote. They also fold into a convenient pouch for travel and storage. Additional color and pattern options are available to compliment your shopping style.

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Ecowaare Reusable Mesh Produce Bags - 15 Pack

Store fruits and more

Go green as you grab groceries with Ecowaare's reusable mesh bags. You can stow veggies, fruits, and more with this set of 15 drawstring bags and eliminate plastic as you shop. Five of each size, small (12-by-8 inches), medium (14-by-12 inches), and large (17-by-12 inches) are included to best accommodate your produce. The bags are made from food-safe, BPA-free mesh that is lightweight and durable. (They will hold your produce without adding to the cost.) Clean-up is easy, too; give these bags a quick rinse or throw them in the washing machine. A variety of different package and size options are available to best suit your shopping experience.

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BeeGreen Patterned Reusable Shopping Bags - 6 Pack

Shoulder stuff in style

Pick up a few things and add a little pizzazz with this set of patterned shopping bags. Each of the six sturdy, reusable bags, sized at 15.8-by-15-by-4.7 inches, is constructed of strong ripstop nylon and can handle over 50 pounds without tearing. They are also water-resistant and machine washable, which make them perfectly sustainable. In between uses, these bags conveniently fold into an attached, compact pouch for easy storage. This personality-packed set has a variety of cute animal patterns; additional patterns and colors are also available.

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Earthwise Deluxe Collapsible Reusable Shopping Bags - 3 Pack

Roomy box design

Pack your products with this set of boxy reusable shopping bags by Earthwise. This trio of floral bags is made from durable polypropylene and defined by recycled cardboard. Each bag has top and side handles to easily carry purchases, no matter the weight. These large bags, measuring at 10-by-14.5-by-10 inches, accommodate every necessity but are easy to store; they fold flat and fit in narrow spaces. If you are looking for different patterns or color options, there are several choices available.

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NZ Home XL Insulated Reusable Grocery Bags - 2 Pack

Keep it insulated

You can shop in the freezer section or store a hot meal with confidence carrying these durable insulated bags. This roomy zip-top duo, sized at 16-by-12-by-9 inches, keeps temperature-sensitive items intact with durable thermal construction. The structured walls keep items in place, and extended handles provide added support for heavier loads. For convenience, these handy bags collapse to stow efficiently, even in small spaces. Several size options are available to accommodate your next haul.

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Lotus Trolley Bag Reusable Grocery Cart Bags - 4 Pack

Cart organization

Keep your cart organized with this set of reusable bags designed to simplify shopping. This set of four basket-friendly bags accommodates carts with a convenient accordion-style, supported by patented removable rods. Each eco-friendly tote has a strong reinforced design to accommodate heavy orders, made to hold over 50 pounds. As far as features go, three bags have a mesh bottom, and the fourth is insulated. Additionally, convenient pockets provide extra space for special items like eggs and wine. When not in use, the bags fold for easy storage.

Shopping support

Reusable shopping bags are a sustainable option to tote your purchases. These useful carryalls are sturdy and spacious, perfect for carrying groceries and more. Our first pick is the BeeGreen Reusable Shopping Bags - 5 Pack. This colorful set of totes is made of durable ripstop nylon, holding 50 pounds each. These large bags, sized at 15-by-16-by-6 inches, carry your purchases with ease. Even with their ample size, they conveniently fold into a pouch for simple storage.

If you're looking for an organized option to sort and store purchases, the Lotus Trolley Bag Reusable Grocery Cart Bags - 4 Pack is a great choice. These useful bags fit in your shopping cart with a unique and patented rod design. Each bag is sturdy and spacious, efficiently carrying items with a weight capacity of over 50 pounds. Specialized features, like mesh bottoms and pockets, make these eco bags the perfect addition to your shop.