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Best retractable dog leashes

best retractable dog leashes
(Image credit: Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash)

The best retractable dog leashes usually extend 5m, and if you buy the right size they'll suit dogs up to 110 lbs. For heavier dogs, you'll need a heavy-duty retractable dog leash. 

Make sure you choose a retractable dog leash that has an easy brake system that you can apply with a simple push or slide of a button. Some come with a pause option, which is helpful for a brief halt on the leash. 

When choosing the best retractable dog leash, you need to consider the size of your dog, the length of the extension, and the weight. All of the retractable leashes below will work with the average-sized dog, give you a decent range, and won't tire your arms. 

Best value

flexi retractable dog leash

(Image credit: Flexi retractable dog leash)

flexi new classic retractable lead cord

Affordable retractable dog leash

This retractable dog leash comes in four sizes and four colours. The lead extends to a considerable 8m, and it has a brake that you can apply with just one hand. It comes with a safety collar as well as the retractable lead, and you can add accessories if you want to. The small size is suitable for dogs under 26lbs, and the large will work up to 110 lbs.

Best for bites

petacc retractable dog leash

(Image credit: petacc)

Petacc Retractable Dog Lead

Great for walking at night

The Petacc retractable dog leash will also suit dogs up to 110lb and extends 5 metres. It has an anti-bite design, so if your dog bites the leash, you can just cut off the damaged section and re-attach the end. It also has a brake that can be applied by rolling your thumb, and the leash is reflective.

Best anti-tangle leash

Tug retractable dog leash

(Image credit: Tug)

TUG patented tangle-free retractable leash

Patented design prevents tangles

Tug's retractable dog leash has a patented design to keep tangles at bay, helping you to control you dog from any angle. You can push a button to pause the leash extension, or lock it fully. And the non-slip handle should comfortably fit most adult hands. 

Best for big dogs

lemka retractable dog leash

(Image credit: lemka)

LEMKA heavy duty retractable dog leash

Up to 77kg/170lbs

This heavy-duty retractable leash is suitable for big dogs up to 170 lbs or 77kg. The lead extends for 5 metres, and you can pause or lock the brake with your thumb. It also has a flashlight with a bright LED bulb for night walks, plus the grip is super comfortable so you can use it on long walks.

Best all-in-one

happy & polly retractable dog leash

(Image credit: happy & polly)

Happy & polly dog leash with flashlight

Flashlight and bag hook

This is the best all-in-one retractable dog leash, because it comes with a flashlight and a hook to act as a bag dispenser or carry a full bag. It extends for 5 metres and has a bungee leash at the end to prevent pulling. And no matter the angle, you'll be able to pause or lock the leash when you need to.

Best for two dogs

makife retractable dog leash

(Image credit: makife)

Makife double retractable dog leash

Double lead for two small/medium dogs

This retractable dog leash is designed to walk two small or medium-sized dogs at once. The buckle rotates 360 degrees to stop the dogs becoming entangled - and you can control each retractable leash individually. It comes with a bag dispenser, too.

Extend your enjoyment

The best retractable leads have tangle-free designs to make sure you can control your dog at any angle. They let you brake - or pause - easily. And they're lightweight enough to stay comfortable during long walks. 

The best retractable lead for the average dog is the flexi one; it's affordable, and reliable. If you're walking a bigger dog, the LEMKA retractable leash is perfect because for dogs up to 77 kgs. And if you're juggling two dogs, the makife double leash lets you control each leash individually, and will make walks much easier.