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Best Dog Toys

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If your dog is anything like mine, they always greet you with ecstatic love and excitement every time you walk through the door. Reward their loyalty and affection with a brand new dog toy that will keep them entertained when you have to leave them behind. Below I've compiled some of my personal favorites, along with a few well-reviewed playthings that are on my pup's next birthday list. 

Staff fave

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IDOGMATE Ball Launcher

Low Maintenance Fetch

This is my favorite because of its sheer convenience. Don't let that pupper get lazy! Once you've trained them how it works, dogs can keep their own game of fetch going for hours, even when you're not there. This toy comes in two different sizes for smaller or larger dogs and can be programmed to launch balls 10, 20, 30 or 40 feet. It supports up to 250 launches on a full charge! 

Hide and squeak

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Outward Hound Plush Hide and Seek

Puppy problem solving

Besides the total cute factor, this toy is like a jigsaw puzzle to stimulate your pup's problem-solving skills. Hide the squeaky squirrels and watch while your pet burrows them out. This is a particularly excellent toy for hounds and terriers, and comes in four different sizes! 

Best for big dogs

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Jolly Pets Romp-n-Rol

Perfect for rough housing playtime

The bigger the ball, the better the fun, and big dogs especially love this big, bouncy, ball on a rope. Chew it, fetch it, shake it, and flop it, the Romp-n-Roll provides no end of entertainment for good boys. And it helps to burn all that pent-up energy! Since it comes in three different sizes you can also snag the right size for smaller dogs to play tug or fetch with. 

Smartest ball

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Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Fun time for dogs of all ages

As seen on TV, the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is sure to give any pup a case of the zoomies! The smart ball emits giggling, human-like noises while it wobbles and rolls, exciting dogs and keeping them entertained for long stretches at a time. The noises are made from an internal tube, which means there are no batteries to replace ever!

Bottom line

With these handy toys, you won't have to leave doggo bored anymore. Nurture their playful spirit and intelligence by providing a range of stimulating dog toys. My favorite is the IDOGMATE Ball Launcher because, not only does it encourage exercise, the launcher is hands-free and can keep dogs entertained even when they're alone.

For a low-priced option, the Hide and Seek Squirrel Plush stimulates cognitive skills. Whatever you choose, the dog toys on this list are sure to please your favorite four-legged friends.