Best Cat Carriers

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When it’s time for your feline’s checkup, heading to the vet can be a really stressful experience. The same is true when you’re traveling and need to bring your cat on a plane. Whether you’re in one of these situations, or you just want to take your cat on walks or trips with you, you need the perfect carrier. We’ve found our favorites, so you’ll be prepared no matter what your feline travel needs are. 

Staff pick

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AmazonBasics Two-Door Travel Carrier

A sturdy case your that supports your kitty

Use the top or front door to get your cat housed in this durable travel carrier. The carrier has plastic sides that latch together, a spring-loaded wire front door, and a top door that opens in both directions. It also comes with screws if you want to reinforce the entire frame. You can choose from the 19-inch and 23-inch carrier sizes. 

Ultra soft

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Pet Magasin Soft-Sided Carrier

Vibrant colors make this carrier stand out

Available in four colors, this soft-sided cat carrier has three mesh windows for airflow. The material is waterproof, so it resists stains and allows simple cleaning. This carrier measures 18-by-11-by-10 inches and weighs only 2.2 pounds, so it’s the right size for traveling on most airlines and is collapsible for storage at home. 

Max airflow

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X-ZONE PET Travel Carrier

This mostly mesh carrier lets your kitty feel less confined

The sides of this carrier are lined with mesh, giving your pet maximum ventilation. Choose from three colors, depending on size, all with padded shoulder straps and reinforced hooks for stability. Inside, you'll find a removable fleece pad so your feline friend can get cozy. Storage for treats and toys is available with a zippered side pocket.  

The cat dome

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Pet Magasin Collapsible Cat Carrier

Folds flat for storage and pops up for travel

When not in use, the walls of this futuristic-looking carrier fold in so you can zip the top and bottom together for storage. Breathable mesh on the door and sides lets your cat see the world and get fresh air. At 17-by-13-by-14 inches, there's plenty of room for your kitty to travel comfortably. 

Fully foldable

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SportPet Designs Foldable Cat Carrier

Stable carrier with a triangular design

The triangular shape of this case makes it difficult to tip over, which is perfect for a rowdy cat. The door is very large, so you may be able to coax him or her in without much fuss. It's available in two sizes, both of which fold down to take up less space when storing. 

Roll along

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Pet Gear Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller

An easier way to take your pet to the vet or on a walk

Want to take your cat on a walk with you, but a harness isn't working out? This pet stroller offers a secure place for your kitty, and lets you push him or her along with you. The front wheels offer easy maneuvering, and the stroller is available in five colors.  

Carry your cat 

Take the stress out of trips with your cat by using a consistent carrier that they are familiar with. For this purpose, we recommend the AmazonBasics Two-Door Travel Carrier. The option of placing your kitty inside through the front or top door is a welcomed convenience because cats only like to go in boxes on their own time. The sturdy frame will prevent your cat from feeling uneasy, and there's plenty of room to move around inside.

If travel is your primary reason for needing a carrier, then we recommend the Pet Magasin Soft-Sided Carrier. It comes in fun colors and offers a comfortable environment for your kitty. The door is made of mesh and there are two mesh windows, so you know your cat is getting plenty of fresh air.