Best Rechargeable Battery Charger

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You must have a battery charger if you're using rechargeable batteries. It's the only way to recharge those batteries safely and in the shortest time possible. You'll always have a set of charged batteries ready for any need. We have reviewed many rechargeable battery chargers and think the following list summarizes the best choices.

Best Overall

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Panasonic BQ-CC55SBA Quick Battery Charger

Advanced battery charging technology

Charge four AA or AAA batteries at the same time with the Panasonic BQ-CC55SBA battery charger, and they will charge independently of each other. The battery level is checked individually with an LED indicator that changes from red (low charge) to orange (20-80 percent) to green (80+ percent charged). An auto-shutoff feature detects the level and cuts off power to protect from overcharging. This battery charger comes with a flip AC plug to connect into the wall socket directly.

Varied Battery Types

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EBL Smart Battery Charger

A smart battery charger for different chemistries

The EBL smart battery charger is capable of charging a range of battery sizes and chemistries. A multi-point control unit automatically turns to trickle charging to prevent battery damage from overvoltage. It also acts as a security shut-off if short circuits or normal cells are detected. You can use the smart charger for AA, AAA, C, D, and the 9 volt Ni-MH/Ni-Cd batteries.

Larger Capacity

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RayHom 8 Bay Smart Recharger

Recharge up to eight batteries at a time

Charge up to eight AA or AAA rechargeable batteries at a time with this smart charger. An LED light at each slot indicates the charging progress, red for charging that is in process, and green for a full charge. The built-in electronics automatically stop power to each aperture as the batteries reach full charge, and there are other safety features to protect them from overheating. For extended battery life, charge up to 99 percent.

Fast and Efficient

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Energizer Recharge Pro Battery Charger

Rapid charging power

The Energizer Recharge Pro charger will handle up to four AA or AAA batteries at once and give a visual and audible indication of full charge. It takes, on average, four hours for the Recharge Pro to fully charge a battery before the auto shut off and overcharge protection circuitry kicks in. A built-in fold-out plug allows for direct plug-in to the wall socket and also for convenient storage when not in use.

USB Connector

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AmazonBasics Battery Charger

Protects against wrong polarity

You can charge two or four AA or AAA batteries at a time with the AmazonBasics charger. It gives you fully-charged batteries in four hours and has protection against the wrong polarity and overcharging. Take the charger anywhere with you; it adapts for everyday worldwide use (100-240 volts AC). The charger also has a USB port for conveniently charging other devices.

Best Value

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Duracell Fastest Value Charger

Get batteries with the charger

Get four AA batteries with this Duracell charger for a great value. It can charge four AA or AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries at a time by plugging into the wall socket. It will charge in under three hours and indicate a fully-charged battery with the LED charge status indicator. It comes with smart safety features to protect against overcharging or short-circuiting. You'll get four batteries and the charger for a reasonable price.

You've just bought rechargeable batteries, now what about the charger? 

You can renew rundown rechargeable batteries hundreds of times under controlled charges. A good charger proves its value by replenishing these batteries safely and speedily.

The best value is the Panasonic BQ-CC55SBA Quick Battery Charger, which will restore batteries in three hours. If you use the Eneloop rechargeable batteries, the charge time is less. LEDs indicate when charging is complete, and the charger will shut off to prevent any damage to the cells.

If you have a range of rechargeable batteries and don't want to invest in a charger for each type, the EBL Smart Battery Charger will solve your dilemma. It will manage AA, AAA, C, and D cells as well as 9-volt batteries.