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Best Paw Patrol Toys

(Image credit: Paw Patrol)

With these Paw Patrol toys, your child can set out on unforgettable adventures with their favorite characters. They can use their imagination to journey outside of Adventure Bay with their rescue crew and explore the new domain of your household. These Paw Patrol toys will spark creativity, encourage social interaction, and engage your child's senses while delivering an entertaining and enjoyable experience. 

(Image credit: Paw Patrol)

Chase’s Total Team Rescue Police Cruiser Vehicle with 6 Pups

Reasons to buy
+Staff pick

Designed for kids ages three and up, Chase’s police cruiser can deliver hours of fun. This team cruiser comes equipped with sitting space for all six of the included patrol members as well as working features such as an extendable winch. With this rescue vehicle, your child can embark on imaginary journeys across your living room, saving stranded bystanders along the way. This toy is great for solo and group play. 

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Paw Patrol Figure Set

Reasons to buy
+Character set

If you're looking for a set of Paw Patrol figurines for your child to play with, then this Paw Patrol figure set is a great choice. The package includes the six core Paw Patrol characters: Rubble, Skye, Chase, Zuma, Rocky, and Marshall. Each figure measures at 1.75 inches in height and can fit comfortably in your child's pocket. Your child can enjoy endless hours of fun reenacting their favorite scenes and engaging in imaginative play with their favorite characters.

(Image credit: Paw Patrol)

PAW Patrol My Size Lookout Tower

Reasons to buy
+Toddler size tower

This tower reaches about 2.5 feet, creating the perfect lookout point for your child to monitor the safety of their imaginary city. This tower comes with interactive lights to ensure that your child can see danger lurking in the dark and sounds to make the experience more immersive. The top of the tower features a periscope that rotates and a slide so that each character can rescue anyone in danger as fast as possible. With the press of a button, your kids can hear each character's signature catchphrase, allowing them to really lose themselves in their game. 

(Image credit: Paw Patrol)

Marshall Remote Control Fire Truck with 2-Way Steering

Reasons to buy
+Remote control car

Great for children ages three and up, the Marshall remote control fire truck is a fun and interactive toy. This truck features details that are authentic to the cartoon, such as a moving ladder and a Marshall figurine in the driver's seat. Your child will find that this car is easy to maneuver, the two-button remote features simple reverse and forward functions. Children can speed to their next rescue mission with this remote control fire truck. This truck requires three AAA batteries, and the remote needs two AA batteries. 

The bottom line

Paw Patrol toys are great for children to learn about bravery, responsibility, and the importance of helping others. Toys are also a fun way to spark your child's creativity, build problem-solving skills, and engage in social interactions through play. 

The Chase’s Total Team Rescue Police Cruiser Vehicle with 6 Pups toy features an interactive vehicle with moveable and workable parts such as an extendable winch. This toy is great for solo play or to play with siblings and friends as it comes with six different character figurines.

If you're looking for a fun way to encourage your child's imaginative play, then the PAW Patrol My Size Lookout Tower is a great choice. This tower stands at 2.5 feet and gives your child a great lookout point to spot everyone that may need rescuing. Your child will enjoy recreating their favorite scenes or inventing brand new experiences with these Paw Patrol toys.