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Best patio furniture

best patio furniture
(Image credit: Photo by Darren Richardson on Unsplash)

When you're choosing the best patio furniture, you'll usually buy a set - but do you want a dining table plus chairs, comfy seats with a coffee table, or a long table with benches? You also need to think about material and style. Rattan is very popular at the moment, but if you prefer wood then make sure it's hardy enough to withstand the cold and rain if the patio furniture is left outside. You can find metal patio furniture - but make sure it's rust-proof - and if you want something fuss-free, then plastic is probably the best patio furniture material.

Best patio furniture set

Abreo patio furniture

(Image credit: Abreo )

Abreo brown rattan furniture set

Low maintenance patio furniture

The best patio furniture is this rattan set from Abreo. It comprises two seats, a sofa, and a table. As well as looking great, it's super safe as it complies with UK fire safety regulations and the tabletop is made from tempered glass.

It's made from a PE rattan weave that never needs to be painted or treated, so it's really low maintenance. The covers are dirt resistant and showerproof - and they're removable and washable.

Best simple patio furniture

Stream patio furniture

(Image credit: Stream)

Stream four piece patio furniture set

Simple and affordable

If you want the best patio furniture that's simple and affordable, this four-piece set from Stream has you covered. It has two chairs, a sofa, and a coffee table. The seats are made with a fade-resistant, durable fabric and the whole set is hardy enough to withstand a typical British summer. 

Best bargain patio furniture

Dawsons patio furniture

(Image credit: Dawons)

Dawsons wooden bistro set

Two chairs and table

The best budget patio set comes with two foldable wooden chairs and a foldable table - and can be used outside or indoors if you need some bargain furniture. The teak has been treated to be weatherproof, and it's small enough to squeeze into the tiniest of patios or balconies. And when winter comes, it takes up barely any storage space.

Best patio furniture bench

Bastian patio furniture

(Image credit: Bastian)

Bastian foldable bench

Folding table and two benches

The best fuss-free patio furniture has to be this weatherproof bench set from BASTIAN. The two benches and table are foldable so can be easily stored when not in use, and it's made from lightweight plastic with a rattan effect. You can use this as additional seating in your garden - or pack it away to take it camping.

Best cosy seats

Keplin patio furniture

(Image credit: Keplin)

Keplin three piece rattan furniture set

The comfiest chairs

This simple three-piece patio furniture set from Keplin comprises of two comfy chairs with extra-thick cushions and a coffee table. It's stackable, easy to clean, and lightweight enough to move around the garden or patio. The rattan design looks great and helps to strengthen the furniture, too.

Our pick of the best patio furniture

The best patio furniture set is the Abreo brown rattan furniture set that comes with a sofa, two seats, and a table. It's stylish and comfy, practical and safe, and built to last. 

If you prefer something more minimalistic, Stream's table and four chairs is a great set that is fuss-free and durable. And if you would like wooden patio furniture instead, Deuba's wooden garden dining table and folding chairs set is comfy for al fresco meals. 

The Bastian folding table and bench set is ideal for additional seating if you're having a barbecue, or if you want something you can use at home or take with you when you go camping. Or if there's just two of you and you'd like something that works as patio furniture or you can use indoors, Dawson's wooden bistro set is perfect. 

The best patio furniture for two people who want to sit comfortably and enjoy the outdoors is the Keplin three-piece rattan furniture set that comes with a coffee table and can be stacked away easily when not in use.