Best Packaging Tape

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Shipping a package? You need tape. Spring boxes in the attic? You need tape. Moving? You need lots of packing tape. Here is a healthy list of the stickiest, strongest, best packaging tape for every packing tape need. 

Best overall

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Duck HD Clear Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, 6-rolls

Less bumps and wrinkles

Duck heavy-duty packaging tape is clear, so you can see the box seams to seal and open them. This packaging tape will withstand extreme temperatures, making it a good choice for storage. It also meets postal regulations for using for shipping. Duck tape is the standard 1.88 inch wide, and each roll has 54.5 yards. This bundle comes with six rolls, so that’s an impressive 328 yards of tape! Each roll can be used on its own, or fit on most dispensers for easier use.  

Best tape with dispenser

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Scotch Start Shipping Tape

No-stress cutting

This roll of Scotch packaging tape comes already set in the dispenser. It has over 38 yards of clear tape that works for sealing boxes for shipping, storing or moving. The tape is extra thick, so it won’t sliver, tear or break too easily as you put it on your box. And the dispenser helps to glide on smoothly and quietly. When you’re done with this roll of tape, you can still use the dispenser with other rolls of packaging tape, even brands that aren’t manufactured by Scotch. 

Best packing tape bundle

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Tape King Clear Packaging Tape, 36 rolls

Keep a roll on hand

This impressive bundle of packaging tape comes with 36 rolls. Each roll of industrial strength tape has 60 yards of adhesive. It works for securing any type of box for moving, storage or shipping. You can use each roll as is, or place it on a tape dispenser. It is easy to cut and because it is heavy duty, it won’t break or tear too easily as you use it. This clear packaging tape can be used for other purposes around your home, too. For example, securing weather stripping in windows. 

Best tape for moving

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Gorilla Heavy Duty Large Core Packaging Tape

Extra thick, extra strong

This 40-yard roll of packaging tape by Gorilla is made especially strong and durable for securing moving boxes. Its clear design means you can cover box labels and still see read them. It is both tear and split resistant, plus it’s moisture and water resistant, so if you boxes get wet they will still remain closed. The 40 yards of tape is easy to cut with scissors, but you can also use the Gorilla clear packaging tape on most tape dispensers. It is heavy-duty enough to use taping closed storage and shipping boxes, too. 

Best tape for shipping

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I GO Commercial Grade Shipping Packaging Tape, 18-rolls

The go-to tape

The commercial grade packaging tape from I Go is perfect for both storing and shipping boxes. It’s thick and clear making it easy to tape seams without needing to double tape for strength. You can also place this tape over shipping labels to keep addresses from smudging while still being able to read them. The I GO packaging tape comes with 18 rolls. Each roll has just under 55 yards of tape and each one can be used on its own or on a standard-sized tape dispenser. 

Best value packaging tape

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JARLINK Clear Packaging Tape, 12-rolls

Save big

This value pack of packaging tape from JARLINK comes with 12 rolls of clear tape. Each roll has an impressive 60 yeards of tape on it, and its the thick, heavy-duty tape rather than the thin, tear easy kind. The JARLINK packaging tape bundle will keep you well stocked with quality tape for a long time and can be used to refill standard tape dispensers, too. The clear tape can be used for closing shipping boxes, moving boxes and storage boxes. It won’t be affected by high or low temperatures, or moisture. 

The sticky end 

Most packaging tape will do a decent job of closing your boxes, but if you need to ensure a package is shipped securely, or to avoid contents spilling out during a move, you need a high-quality thick tape. The Duck HD clear heavy-duty tape is the perfect all-purpose packaging tape. It is extra thick, so it won’t tear easily as you use it. Plus it doesn’t lose its adhesive in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Its bundle comes with six rolls with a combined 328 yards of tape. Each roll can be used on its own or on a standard sized tape dispenser or tape gun.

If you need a lot of roll of packaging tape on hand, check out the impressive bundle offered by Tape King. It includes 36 rolls of clear packaging tape that is great o use for shipping, storing, or moving boxes.

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