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Best metal straws

Best metal straws
Photo by Isabela Kronemberger on Unsplash (Image credit: Photo by Isabela Kronemberger on Unsplash)

Metal straws are soaring in popularity because they are sustainable, non-toxic, durable, and a great way to replace single-use plastic ones. Investing in reusable metal straws may seem like a small step in the fight against disposable plastic, but it’s the small steps that add up to make big changes. Metal straws come in all different sizes to fit an array of vessels from water bottles to tumblers. So, if you’re ready to ditch the disposable mindset, check out our choice of the best metal straws. 

Best overall

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ALSISK 8-pack stainless steel metal straws (opens in new tab)

Add some colour to your drink

These metal straws are made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and are BPA and lead-free. You won’t have any metal aftertaste whilst using these straws, and they are perfect for all types of beverages, from water to coffee. This pack has eight straws in total with a mixture of both straight and bent straws. The pack also includes eight silicone tips to protect your lips and teeth, plus two cleaning brushes. 

Best variety

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AUNEK reusable metal straws (opens in new tab)

A straw for each member of the family

Treat the whole family to their own metal straw with this 16-piece set from Aunek. These straws are made from stainless steel and are crafted with smooth ends, making them safe and suitable for both children and adults. They are easy to clean; you can clean them by hand using one of the four included nylon cleaning brushes or pop them in the dishwasher. They come in two sizes: 26.7 centimetres for 850-millilitre cups and 21.6 centimetres for 560-millilitre cups. 

Best for double use

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Drinking 7-pack straw spoons (opens in new tab)

Perfect whether you’re sipping or scooping

These dual-action metal straws have a 2-in-1 design. They can be used for drinking as well as scooping with the addition of a spoon attachment. They're perfect to use when you’re enjoying a milkshake, coffee, smoothie or even cocktails. The straws are dishwasher safe but also come with three cleaning brushes for handwashing to help preserve their colour.

Best portable

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longzon 2-pack reusable straws (opens in new tab)

Be prepared wherever you go

With a lot of bars and restaurants now charging for plastic straws or even ditching them altogether, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re always prepared with the Longzon collapsible and reusable straw pack. Each metal straw in this two-pack is stored in a portable and colourful keychain case, light enough to hang on your keyring, belt loop, or tuck inside a handbag. Because they are collapsible, you can choose to extend your straw between three different sizes, 23, 15, or 10 centimetres, depending on your chosen glass, bottle, or tumbler. 

Best value

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VEHHE 4-pack metal straws (opens in new tab)

Saving the planet doesn’t need to be costly

These rainbow-coloured metal straws are ultra-long so that they fit all tumblers and glasses with ease. Including two straight and two bent straws, they come in a cotton and linen-blend bag, so they are easy to transport. These straws are approved by the FDA and are produced using top food-grade 18/8 304 stainless steel, so you can rest assured that your drink will be safe from any toxins, and you won’t experience any metallic after taste. 

The bottom line

Whether you’re looking for a straw to enjoy an iced coffee on the go or a healthy smoothie, there’s no need to ever reach for another plastic straw with such a good range of metal straws available. Our favourite metal straws are the ALSISK Set of 8 stainless steel metal straws (opens in new tab) because they have a good range of colours and styles for use at home or when you're on the move. 

The longzon 2-pack reusable straws (opens in new tab) are also a good buy because they are lightweight and, thanks to the stylish keychain holder, you can be sure that your straw is always on-hand when you need it.