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Best LED light strips

best LED light strip
(Image credit: Image by AbigailGina from Pixabay )

The best LED light strips are customisable, with pre-programmed modes and the option to choose your own colours. You should be able to cut the LED light strip if it's too long, and it should be easy to stick to your chosen surface. You can also choose whether you want to plug in your LED light strips or use a battery - and opt for remote control, app control, or voice control.

Staff pick

Govee LED lightstrips

(Image credit: Govee)

Govee 5m rgb colour changing lighting strip (opens in new tab)

Easy assembly and 20 colour options

The best LED light strip is this five-metre one from Govee. You can programme it to one of 20 different colours, choose between six colour modes, and dim the light. It's powered by remote control, too.

This LED light strip is easy to assemble, as it has a powerful adhesive backing - and you can cut the strip if it's too long. It's also long-lasting, with 50,000 hours of lifespan in the LEDs.

Battery powered

CCILAND LED lightstrip

(Image credit: CCILAND)

CCILAND battery powered led strip lights with remote (opens in new tab)

3m long, three colour options

This LED light strip is battery powered and comes in three colour options: warm white, multicoloured, or bright white. The strip is three metres long but you can cut it to shorten it if you need to, and it's programmed by remote control. It needs two AA batteries, which don't come with the LED light strip.


Govee LED lightstrip

(Image credit: Govee)

Govee smart app controlled colour changing led strip (opens in new tab)

Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

If you want a voice-controlled LED light strip, this one from Govee is the best. You can set the colour, change the brightness, or turn it on and off by voice alone - or via the app if you prefer. Plus, it can sync with any music or sounds like hand clapping.

Best for parties


(Image credit: AOGUERBE)

AOGUERBE led strip lights (opens in new tab)

Sync lights with your playlist

The best LED light strip for parties is this AOGUERBE option that comes with four music modes, so the colour and brightness changes in time with your music. There are 20 preset colour options too - and the strip measures 15 metres. You can also programme a schedule for the lights, and control it via an app.

For outdoors

PHOPOLLO LED lighstrip

(Image credit: PHOPOLLO)

PHOPOLLO outdoor waterproof rgb colour changing lighting strip (opens in new tab)

Made for outdoor lighting

This is the best LED light strip for outdoor use, as it's waterproof. It has 60 LEDs per metre, making it super bright. Plus, it has 20 colour buttons with customisable options for every scenario.

The best LED lighstrips

The best LED light strip overall is the five-meter Govee option (opens in new tab) that comes with 20 different colours and works with remote control. If you want one that's battery-powered, the CCILAND lightstrip (opens in new tab) is best.

For a more advanced LED light strip, you should consider Govee's voice-controlled lights (opens in new tab), or AOGUERBE's lights (opens in new tab) that will sync with music or sounds like hand clapping.

If you want the best LED light strip for outdoors, PHOPOLLO (opens in new tab) has a waterproof option that's robust and super bright.