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Best Laminators

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It's incredibly satisfying to see your certificates, photographs, or any printed pieces remain as good as new over time. Laminators add a thin transparent, glossy, or matte film to printed pieces for enhanced stiffness and strength. As such, the documents become waterproof, and they can withstand frequent use. The basic features to take into account when picking a laminator range from lamination speed, size to vinyl thickness capacity. We have made your search a lot easier by rounding up the best laminators available today.

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Fellowes Saturn3i Laminator

Incredible Speed

The Fellowes warms up in a minute thanks to InstaHeat Technology and perfectly laminates documents up to 12.5'' wide in less than 45 seconds. For hot lamination, you can go for 3-mil to 5-mil pouches, and it has a cold setting for self-adhesive pouches. When not in use, the laminator auto shuts off to save energy and prevent overheating.

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As much as it takes up to 5 minutes to warm up, once it's ready, the Scotch Pro laminates up to 15inches per minute. The maximum paper width is nine inches, and it works great with 3-5 mil thick pouches. This laminator is enhanced with never jam technology, and it will automatically reject misfed items. It has a two roller system for hot and cold lamination.

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Swingline Thermal Inspire Plus Laminator

Small Scale

This compact and stylish laminator is perfect for laminating basic home crafts or personal business mementos. It is simple to use since you don't have to keep adjusting the pouch thickness. There is a cold and hot lamination option for pouches up to 5 mils thick and documents up to 9''-wide. Warm-up time is around 4 minutes.

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AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine

Equally Good

If you are always in a rush and you are looking for the easiest laminator to use, the AmazonBasics laminator is the best for you. With just four minutes of warm-up time, a two roller feeding system, and easy manual instructions, the whole lamination will be a breeze. The laminator also has two different heat settings for 3-mil and 5-mil films.

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ABOX A3 Thermal Laminator Machine

Perfect Combination

A laminator, paper cutter, and a corner rounder all integrated into one machine for absolute convenience and flawless workflow. You can choose between hot and cold lamination, depending on the piece to be laminated. Such a strange machine is bound to attract the attention of kids; that is why it comes with a safety lock to prevent accidental cuts.

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Apache AL13P 13" Professional Thermal Laminator

Like a Pro

When lamination is a core operation, you need a machine that is up to the task. You can adjust both temperature and rollers to accommodate a wide range of projects. The Apache has a quality grade motor and heating element that laminates your documents precisely, bubble-free, and quickly.

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Crenova A4 Thermal Laminator

Super Efficient

Quite small and light, this laminator will comfortably sit on any desk while helping you preserve your most valuable documents. It takes between 3-5 minutes to warm up and laminates at a speed of 250mm/min. This is a decent speed if you plan to laminate several documents. With a well developed ABS lever, releasing stuck paper or pouches is a breeze.

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ABOX A4 Thermal Laminating Machine


A super affordable laminator to help keep all those home, school, or business crafts in good shape. This small and compact model is perfect for portability. It warms up within 2 to 4 minutes and has a ready indicator. The laminator can operate for 30 minutes in a row, and it has an internal jam release.

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Blusmart Multiple Function Laminator

One stop shop

Lamination involves quite a few steps. With this laminator, you will be able to do all your office, school, and home laminations from one station. The Blusmart has a laminator, corner rounder, one hole punch, one paper trimmer, 25 laminating pouches, ten photo frames, and three book rings. This one has you covered.

Which way to go

Laminators are the ultimate guarantee that your documents will hold up well in the long run. The significant difference between hot and cold laminators is that the former uses heat to bind a document between the film, while the latter uses pressure to seal the pouch. While cold laminators work just fine, especially for heat-sensitive documents, the pouch may open up after some time.

A good laminator like the Fellowes Saturn3i Laminator has both hot and cold lamination options to cater for a wide variety of documents. Also, it has an auto shut off function that turns the laminator off when not in use. If you are leaning towards size, you should go for the Swingline Thermal, Inspire Plus Lamination Machine for lamination of small-sized documents, and the ABOX A3 Thermal Laminator for lamination of large-sized documents.

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