Best Indoor LED String Lights

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You can brighten up your interior design with some luminous lighting. Lighting is a game-changer when it comes to making spaces more inviting; even small rooms appear larger. A string of LED lights can perk up dark corners and offer radiant warmth you didn't know you needed. These illuminating strands can be that extra-special touch to your next party or event. They are a simple addition that can make any place special. So, we've collected the best LED string lights to give your indoor space a luminous lift.

Staff Pick

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ZAECANY Dimmable LED String Lights

Waterpoof whimsy available in a variety of sizes

LED string lights can brighten up dim rooms and make them seem cheery and inviting, even when they're small. The ZAECANY Dimmable LED String Lights give you 99ft of lights to decorate your home with. They come in three different colors and offer up remote control options that let you adjust the way the lights look after you've positioned them where you need them. These lights are also waterproof, so you don't need to worry about a short circuit if you spill a drink. If you want a larger size, you can also snag these lights in sizes up to 164 feet. 

Budget Friendly

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Tesyker Fairy Lights

Select your favorite twinkling hue from 16 color options

Whether you're lighting up your bedroom or a ballroom being able to grab the lights you want without breaking the bank is critical. These Tesyker Fairy Lights are super affordable, making them an excellent option for everyone, from wedding planners to new college students. They come in a 33-foot string, which is easy to twist and adjust in any room. Each string also comes with a remote, which lets you switch between 16 different color options. 

Linkable Lighting

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LE LED Rope Lights

33-foot strand available in many color options

One of the most significant issues with LED string lights is that you may need several coils to fill up larger rooms. LE's LED Rope Lights gives you a better option than having to plug in multiple strings at the same time. These 33-foot strands can be linked up with one another, so you only need a single outlet to light up even the largest of rooms. You can also snag these lights in three different color options, and since they're low voltage, they won't blow a fuse even in older buildings. 

Musically Inclined

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ELlight LED Strip Lights

Colorful strip of lights linked to favorite tunes

If you're snagging LED lights for a party or get together, then chances are you're going to play music as well. ELlight LED Strip Lights give you rainbow lights and let you sync them up with your favorite tunes. These lights are available in lengths of 16 or 32 feet and have over a dozen different modes. One of the only downsides is that the strands of lights can't be linked up, so each strip will need to be plugged in separately.

Light it up

It's time to make your indoor spaces a little more lively and you can add flair with some LED string lights. They brighten up a dark room, make small rooms seem a bit larger, and can add homey charm to dormitories. No matter the reason you want to achieve new levels of luminosity, the best lights out there are the ZAECANY Dimmable String Lights. They're affordable, come in super-long lengths, and are easy to twine.

Or, if you want linkable lights to fill large spaces, then try the LE LED Rope Lights. They can link up as many ropes as you buy.

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