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Best hangers

hangers. Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash
(Image credit: Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash)

We round up the best clothes hangers available to buy right now and help you organise your wardrobe. If you’re looking for wooden hangers to protect your clothes, you want thin hangers to hang as many outfits in as possible, or you’re shopping for reliable, affordable hangers to declutter your wardrobe, you’ll find the best option in this round-up. 

Best non-slip hangers

Utopia Home premium velvet hangers

(Image credit: Utopia Home)

Utopia Home premium velvet hangers (opens in new tab)

Slim with non-slip velvet

These Utopia Home hangers are slim, so your space is saved for hanging clothes and not wasted on thick, heavy hangers. They’re also velvet, which stops your clothes from sagging or slipping off and ending up in piles on the floor. They can hold up to ten pounds of clothes on each hanger, and come in a box of 50. 

Best wooden hangers

Hangerworld wooden hangers

(Image credit: Hangerworld)

HANGERWORLD wooden hangers (opens in new tab)

Traditional wooden hangers

HANGERWORLD's pack of 10 wooden hangers will suit all items of clothing - and they're slim, so they save space too. Made from maple wood, they have a varnished finish and look great in any wardrobe. Plus, the chrome swivel hook is super durable, so it should hold more substantial items.

Cheap hangers

Kesper 16810 plastic hangers

(Image credit: Kesper )

Kesper 16810 plastic hangers (opens in new tab)

Affordable, reliable hangers

Kesper's black plastic hangers are cheap and reliable, so you can fill a new wardrobe without spending a fortune on hangers alone. Unlike other plastic hangers, these have a swivel hook. There are also two rock hooks on the trouser bar to hang other items. 

Best for trousers

SONGMICS trouser hangers

(Image credit: SONGMICS)

SONGMICS trouser hangers (opens in new tab)

For wrinkle-free trousers

These slim, space-saving, non-slip trouser hangers from SONGMICS will hang your trousers without wrinkling. They’re open-ended so you can hang ties, scarves, towels, linens, and more - or simply pull your trousers out of your wardrobe. These trouser hangers are durable too, as the chrome-plated surface is rust-resistant.

Best multi-purpose hangers

SONGMICS velvet hangers with clips

(Image credit: SONGMICS)

SONGMICS velvet hangers with clips (opens in new tab)

Hang and clip at the same time

These super-slim hangers have notches and clips, which can be adjusted to fit any width up to 39.5cm. The PVC finish on the tip of the clip increases the force without leaving friction marks. And the velvet finish is non-slip for anything that's hung. 

Your closet deserves the best hangers

Hangers can be as simple and affordable as you want them to be. If you've got a small wardrobe or a heap of clothes, space-saving hangers will make a world of difference. But no matter the space you have, make sure the hangers support your clothes instead of wrinkling them and don't leave any marks if you clip them.

Our favourite hanger is the Utopia Home slim velvet hangers (opens in new tab) because they're space-saving, non-slip, affordable, and neat. If you need to hang loads of trousers, SONGMICS trouser hangers (opens in new tab) will keep them free from wrinkles. And if space is a real problem, you may want to use HOUSE DAY's magic hangers (opens in new tab) to squeeze as much into your closet as possible.