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Best Freezer Organizers

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Frozen food can be an absolute lifesaver for busy households. It allows you to shop in larger quantities and still enjoy decent meals if you don't have time to hit the stores. The problem is, though, not all freezers have brilliant layouts or designs to easily see what food you have. One way to tackle this issue is to logically organize your frozen food, even into categories if necessary. You can achieve this by investing in some freezer organizer solutions that will sort your frozen food so you can better manage your chilly comestibles. From baskets to crates, we have some savvy solutions for you to consider.   

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Greenco Stackable Storage Organizers

 Six pack 

Our top choice is Greenco's comprehensive collection of organizers suitable for both fridges and freezers. There is a range of shapes and sizes, offering a really useful separation of frozen food types. These containers are made of shatterproof BPA and chlorine-free plastic and also feature easy-grip side handles. 

The set includes two wide bins, two narrow bins, and a bin designed to hold soda cans (that could also be used for other items in the freezer). Additionally, there's an egg holder for in-fridge use, but we think it would be great for storing smaller portions of leftover food such as fresh herbs. 

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Slideep Freezer Organizer Baskets

 Shopping basket 


This basket-style option offers an alternative to the perspex-style versions with a more lightweight, easy-to-grab design thanks to the cutout handles. 

Made of sturdy steel construction with a polyethylene-coated, rustproof finish, this set of two each measure in at 11-by-10-by-5.5-inches. These baskets are a good solution to separate meat and fish from other items and can be stacked or placed side-by-side. 

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BINO Stackable Organizer Storage Bins

 Wide boy 


These storage bins are stackable and offer a decent capacity with a larger size measuring in at 12.5-by-8.5-by-3.5 inches. Suitable for use in and out of the freezer, these can also be stored side-by-side. 

Made of durable and clear shatter-resistant BPA and chlorine-free plastic, the transparent nature of these bins means you can easily see what's inside from all angles, making it easier to identify what you're looking for. 

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Seseno Freezer Organizer Bins

 Octo bins 

We like this set of eight organizer bins because you get four narrow bins measuring in at 14.75-by-4.25-by-4 inches and four wider drawers that have a larger 8.5-inch width. This means that whether you're looking to store smaller frozen items or larger food products, this set should have you covered. 

These bins are made of durable, high-quality, 100% food-safe, BPA-free, and shatter-resistant plastic. They are detailed with textured non-slip interiors and have practical carry handles for easier maneuverability.

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Sterilite Storage Crates

 A bushel and a peck  

This set is a good-value option, giving you six large storage crates. It's unlikely you'll have room for all of them in your freezer, but they are all-purpose crates, so you will easily find a use for them elsewhere in your home. 

Measuring 15.25-by-13.75-by-10.5 inches, they accommodate around a 1.5-bushel capacity. The crates can be stacked on top of each other and have comfort grip handles for easy moving.  

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mDesign Plastic Storage Organizer Bins with Handles

 Clearly useful  

If you have a larger freezer, this set of four storage organizer bins is the perfect way to sort your frozen foods into categories. Their transparent design means you can see just how many cartons of ice-cream you have left at a glance. 

You can easily lift or pull the bins in and out of the freezer by the convenient cutout handles. Each bin measures 12-by-10-by-8-inches high and is constructed from durable shatter-resistant BPA and chlorine-free plastic. 

Cool choices 


If you're looking to sort your freezer out, any of these solutions will go a long way to help. Our overall favorite option is the Greenco Stackable Storage Organizers that are suitable for use in both the freezer and the fridge. 

The six-pack of storage solutions offers differently sized and shaped bins that will suit different food types, including an egg box which could be used for smaller items in the freezer. This set means you can easily separate ice cream and frozen desserts, frozen vegetables, potato products, meat, and fish. 

If you're looking for more capacity, then our other larger options are worth considering, some of them also fit the well of an average-sized chest freezer almost perfectly — be sure to measure up before you hit the buy button.