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Brightening your home is as simple as selecting a floor lamp. These days floor lamps aren’t just a functional addition to living spaces; they speak to your décor with their style. Floor lamps are a chance to define your rooms with vibrance and mood. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary design, there are plenty of options to meet your needs, and we’ve selected the best options.  

Staff Pick

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Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

Just like natural light

With a single energy-efficient LED bulb that has a 20-year lifespan, the Brightech Litespan floor lamp provides lighting needed for hobbies like woodworking, sewing, reading, arts and crafts, and many more. It provides you with the same amount of light you would get from natural daylight.


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Kira Home Revel Toro 62.5-inch Modern Wood Floor Lamp

Geometric lighting with shelving

With a stunning black wood finish, the Revel Toro floor lamp will be an excellent addition to your home. It has three shelves that you can use to display important pieces and a pull chain switch, which makes it easy to operate. Some assembly is needed, which is no struggle as it is an easy-to-build floor lamp.

Classic Elegance

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Brightech Carter LED Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp

Modern lamp with a warm glow

If you are looking for comfortable lighting for your home, opt for the Brightech Carter floor lamp. It provides you with beautiful, comfortable, warm, and cozy lighting that brightens up your indoor space. The floor lamp is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Alexa.

Articulating Arm

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Brightech Leaf - Touch LED Floor Lamp

Sleek design with an adjustable arm

You will be able to enhance your room décor with the contemporary design of the Brightech Leaf floor lamp. It can easily fit in any room due to its slim design. The floor lamp comes with an adjustable pivoting head and a swing arm that enables you to focus light where it is most required.

Smart Life

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Dodocool H26035 Remote & Touch Control LED Floor Lamp

Multi-setting smart lamp with a slim design

With a 2-in-1 smart remote and touch control, you can easily adjust the brightness of the Dodocool H26035 floor lamp from 10%-100%. The floor lamp also has four different adjustable color settings, which include warm, warm white, natural white, and cold white. It has a memory function that saves adjustments.

Sweet Ambience

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SUNLIPPE 70-inch LED Floor Lamp

Warm modern lamp with a built-in LED light

The sleek modern style and structure of the SUNLLIPE floor lamp makes it a beautiful addition to your space. It provides you with 810 lumens and 3000K warm white light that brighten your bedroom, office, or living room. The built-in LED is durable and secure from burn out and overheating.

Gentle on the Eyes

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Verilux Original SmartLight LED Floor Lamp

Soft lighting option with an adjustable neck

You can increase productivity on your tasks by working on them longer with the Verilux SmartLight floor lamp. It provides you with natural spectrum LED lighting, which is almost similar to natural daylight. The Optix lens of the floor lamp minimizes eyestrain enabling you to work or read longer.


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Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

Futuristic design with an adjustable head

You will experience the utmost convenience with the Brightech Sky LED floor lamp. It shines brightly at 2190 lumens with a warm white 3000K temperature that is sufficient to illuminate a big space. The head is adjustable, enabling you to focus the most light on the area that needs it most.

For Minimalists

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Globe Electric Holden Floor Lamp

Lighting option with clean lines

With a minimalistic design, the Globe Electric Holden floor lamp is lightweight and easy to move. It has a 5ft cord that enables you to put your lamp far from the outlet and where the light is needed most. Less is more, and the simplicity of the floor lamp will be a significant update to your modern home.

Our top picks

Floor lamps offer the opportunity to brighten your home while informing on your décor. With more stable frames, a potential for brighter lights and a bigger radius, floor lamps provide you with incredible lighting for any space in your house. Before choosing a particular model, you should consider the model type. If you need a floor lamp for reading in bed, you should not go for the one that offers general lighting. All you have to do is choose the model that gives you the amount of light and comfort you need to accomplish your specific task. 

When it comes to reading, the Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp is the best choice. It generates 6000K natural daylight spectrum light with a 2000 lumens output and includes a 12 Watt energy-saving LED durable light. The Revel Toro 62.5-inch Modern Wood Floor Lamp is ideal for the living room as it has 3-tier open box shelves that can hold books, photo frames, or collectibles. Besides, it produces a soft and cozy light, perfect for any home. 

If you prefer contemporary styles and decor, the Brightech Carter LED Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp is such a great pick. It has a wooden walnut finish and a neutral-toned lampshade which easily matches any décor. The floor lamp is compatible with smart home technology like Alexa and generates 3000K warm light at 800 lumens giving you sufficient lighting.

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