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Best Dry Erase Markers

(Image credit: Mark Rabe via Unsplash)

Dry erase markers are a great way to share ideas and collaborate in a non-permanent environment. Whether you're a teacher in a classroom, a small business owner, or an employee in an office, having access to dry erase markers can boost creativity in the workplace. Not only do they come in a variety of colors, but they are fun to use and easy to clean as well. When it comes to the best dry erase markers, here are our top picks. 

Staff pick

(Image credit: Expo Markers)

EXPO magnetic dry erase markers

Your basic dry erase markers

Excellent for use in the classroom, in the office, or at home, these dry erase markers come in a variety pack with eight different color options. The ink has a low-odor formula, so it won't leave behind an intense chemical smell. These markers glide seamlessly along your whiteboard, and the chiseled tip creates thick and thin text. 

Value pack

(Image credit: Arteza)

ARTEZA dry erase markers

The best bang for your buck

This value pack of dry erase markers includes 36 pens in 12 different colors at an extremely affordable price. Formulated with low-odor ink, these pens are 100 percent non-toxic and safe for both children and adults to use. The colors of the markers are bold enough to be seen from a distance, so you won't have to worry about writing extra large. 

Magnetic markers

(Image credit: Amazon)

GMAOPHY magnetic dry erase markers

These markers have magnets

If you're someone who tends to lose their markers, these magnetic dry erase markers are a wonderful choice. These low-odor instruments can be stored directly on your whiteboard for safekeeping. This smudge-proof set is prepared for any presentation, including 14 markers and 7 different colors.

Chalk markers

(Image credit: Amazon)

Longan craft liquid chalk markers

Dry erase chalk markers for the blackboard

Great for use at your small business, or for classrooms that are not equipped with a whiteboard, these dry erase chalk markers are compatible with any blackboard, glass, or mirror surface. These water-based markers are dustless and non-toxic, making them safe for children and adults. Create festive window illustrations or write your daily specials on a chalkboard with this set of 30 chalk dry erase marker set.

The bottom line

Dry erase markers are a great way to define a collaborative space with the use of fun colors. If you're looking to teach a class or brainstorm ideas using a whiteboard, the EXPO Dry Erase Markers are a great choice. The set includes eight different colors., so you can keep your students and colleagues engaged while creating a visually appealing environment. 

For small businesses or creative individuals, the Longan craft liquid chalk markers are compatible with any blackboard, glass, or mirrored surface. These dry erase markers are great for writing your daily specials or keeping your customers engaged as they enter your business through visual displays on windows.