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Best desk fans

best desk fans
(Image credit: Photo by Siniz Kim on Unsplash)

The best desk fans need to be small enough to sit on your desk, but powerful enough to cool the surrounding area. If you take a lot of work calls, your desk fan will also need to be quiet. Some options are USB-powered, so you can simply connect them to your computer, while others will need to be plugged in. A handful are even battery operated. It's common to have two different speed settings, but some have more adjustments. This list covers everything from high-end desk fans to budget handheld coolers, to help you find the right one. 

Staff pick

Dyson desk fan

(Image credit: Dyson)

Dyson am06 desk fan

The ultimate desk fan

The best desk fan is from Dyson - and the 12 inch AM06 model is a great option. It's small enough to sit on the desk, but it comes with air multiplier technology to make sure the cool air is pushed out with force. 

It's bladeless, which means it's safe and easy to clean. It's remote-controlled - and it has a night mode for quieter cooling while you sleep. 

Quietest fan

Fancii desk fan

(Image credit: Fancii)

Fancii small USB fan

A modern look

This mini desk fan is 25% quieter than similar models and is tiny enough to fit on the smallest of desks. It can tilt 180 degrees and it has two-speed settings. It's also powered by USB so you can simply plug it into your computer or laptop.

Best budget fan

OCOOPA desk fan

(Image credit: OCOOPA)

Ocoopa USB desk fan

Affordable cooling

The best budget desk fan is this one from Ocoopa. It's USB-powered, has copper blades, and can be tilted in any direction. And its base is designed to absorb any vibrations from the fan when in use.

Most versatile

VersionTECH desk fan

(Image credit: VersionTECH)

VersionTech hand held fan

Turns into a hand held fan

VersionTECH's mini foldable fan works well as a desk fan - but can also be transformed into a hand held fan or be hung from a parasol. It's powered by a rechargeable battery. And it comes in five colour options.

Battery-powered cooling

OCOOPA battery powered desk fan

(Image credit: OCOOPA)

Ocoopa battery operated table fan

Up to 15 hours of air movement

The best battery operated desk fan is from OCOOPA and it can run for between three and 15 hours on a single charge. It has four settings and the head can be adjusted by 90 degrees. It's also easy to clean, and light enough to be portable.

Best all-in-one

Homitt desk fan

(Image credit: Homitt)

Homitt portable mini air cooler

Cools and purifies air

This portable desk fan from Homitt also acts as a humidifier, air purifier and air conditioner. It comes with washable and reusable filters and is very easy to use. Plus it runs off USB, too. 

Get blown away by the best desk fans

The very best desk fan is the AM06 Dyson model, which is super quiet and of the highest quality. If you want a mini desk fan that you can plug into your laptop, the USB fan from Fancii is a great option. And the best budget option is this OCOOPA USB fan.

If you need something more complex that can humidify and purify your air, the Homitt portable air conditioner will handle this with ease. But if you want something low-tech and simple, VersionTECH's handheld fan can be folded so it sits nicely on a desk. And if you want something without cables, OCOOPA has a great battery operated desk fan.