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Window treatments are a good way to give yourself some privacy within your own home. Curtains are a popular choice because they can darken a room or bring some flare or personality to your decor. A good, sturdy curtain rod will last you longer than your curtains and the AmazonBasics 1” curtain rod will hold most curtains on the market. It also has round finials on each end that keep curtains on the rod without detracting from the overall theme of your room. Here are a few other curtain rod choices. 

Best overall

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Amazon Basics 1” Curtain Rod with Round Finials

The one you need

The Amazon Basics curtain rod extends up to 144 inches long. It holds most curtains well and includes all needed hardware. 


  • Comes in five finishes 
  • Extends to 144 inches 
  • Hardware is included 


  • Not for darkening curtains
  • Tieback hooks not included 

This curtain rod by Amazon Basics works for just about any type of curtains. It comes in five different finishes to match your room’s decor and four different lengths to hang over windows from 28 inches to 144 inches long. Each end of this rod has a round finial that doesn’t overpower your room while helping to keep your window dressing put. And while this rod is only an inch thick the longest rod is able to hold up to 22 pounds of fabric. All the hardware you need comes with the Amazon Basics curtain rod including screws and adjustable brackets. It doesn’t have metal tieback hooks to hold your curtains open. It also doesn’t support really heavy draperies. 

Best single curtain rod

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Kenney Kendall Standard Curtain Rod

Elegant and stylish

The Kendall curtain rod by Kenney matches most decor and room themes. It has unique-shaped finials on each end. 


  • Decorative finials 
  • Four finishes 


  • Doesn’t hold heavier curtains 

The Kenney Kendall curtain rod is simple with unique shaped finials on each end. It comes in four different finishes - antique rust, black, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze - and two sizes. One size fits windows between 28 inches and 48 inches, and one extends from 48 inches to 86 inches. A single inch curtain rod will hold lightweight curtains and some medium weight curtains, but it isn’t the best choice for heavier window treatments. This rod comes with the hardware you need, including the brackets, to hang it properly. 

Best double curtain rod

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Umbra Twilight Double Curtain Rod Set

Double the fun

This double curtain rod holds two curtains at once and has a wrap-around design to accommodate darkening curtains. 


  • Holds two curtains at once 
  • Wrap-around design 
  • Three different lengths available 


  • Brackets aren’t well built 

This curtain rod holds two curtains at once to give a cool and different look to your windows. You can display heavier and more colorful curtains on the outside rod and sheer one inside. This lets you open the heavier curtains to let light into your room without sacrificing privacy. The Umbra Twilight double curtain rod is made from metal to avoid bending in the rods and it comes in three different sizes that range from 28 inches and 144 inches. Each of the rods loops around on the ends and connect to the brackets. This makes it easier to pull darkening curtains all the way around the windows and block out more light. This curtain rod comes with mounting brackets, however, they aren’t made with the same material as the rod itself. Several consumers have reported these brackets aren’t strong enough to support the curtain rod and recommend purchases new, sturdier brackets. 

Best tension curtain rod

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AIZESI Spring Tension Curtain Rod

No hardware needed

The AIZESI curtain rods use tension instead of hardware to keep curtains in place. Two rods come in this package. 


  • No marks from hardware 
  • Comes with two rods 


  • Not for heavy curtains 

These curtain rods use tension instead of hardware to keep window treatments in place. Each of the two rods in this package extends between 28 inches and 48 inches, which is the standard size for most windows. The rods themselves are made of stainless steel but are coated in white paint for a smooth finish. The ends have non-slip runner covers that both help stick to the window frames and to prevent scuffing. These tension rods by AIZESI are great for hanging curtains in windows or for hanging dividers in doorways. Despite the durable build of these rods, they aren’t designed to hold heavy materials. In fact, the manufacturer recommends lightweight materials that weigh less than six pounds in total. 

Best for blackouts

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Amazon Basics Room Darkening Curtain Rod

Block out light and cold

The Amazon Basics room darkening curtain rod works well with drapes made to block out light and insulate rooms. 


  • Good for darkening and insulating rooms 
  • Comes in three lengths and finishes 


  • Doesn’t hold heavy drapes 

For curtains made to block out light, you need a wrap-around curtain rod. This lets you close your window treatments in a way to keep the most light from sneaking in and help insulate the room. The Amazon Basics room darkening curtain rod comes in three popular finishes, nickel, black, and a dark espresso bronze. It also has three sizes to fit windows between 28 inches and 120 inches. Mounting hardware, including screws and anchors, are included with this curtain rod. The rod is under an inch thick, so it will only hold up to 20 pounds. Thicker curtains will need a thicker rod. 

Bottom line 

For most rooms and decor themes, the Amazon Basics 1” curtain rod will match it. It is a popular and simple design with round finials on each end and five different finishes - antique rust, black, brushed nickel, espresso, and oil rubbed bronze. It comes in four sizes, one that fits windows between 28 inches and 48 inches, and the largest one that extends from 72 inches to 144 inches. This rod comes with the hardware you need, including the brackets, to hang it properly. It doesn’t come with metal tieback hooks to hold curtains away from windows. The largest rod can hold up to 22 pounds, which accommodates some pretty hefty drapes. However, this rod isn’t the best choice for darkening curtains. 

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