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Best Cooling Racks

(Image credit: Spring Chef)

Cooling racks are great for all sorts of cooking needs: cooling cookies, relaxing meats, or even drying dishes. The best cooling rack to get all that done is the Wilton 3-tier cooling rack, with three included racks and non-stick coating to help with cleaning. If that doesn't do it for you, there are tons of other options to pick from this list.

(Image credit: Wilton)

Wilton 3-Tier Cooling Rack

Best overall

If you're looking for a cooling rack that cools it all, then the Wilton 3-tier cooling rack is the way to go. These racks are 15.9 X 9.9 inches, which means they're quite large to hold all your goodies. They have enough space to hold up to three cakes, so all your layers can cool at the same time. Plus, you can stack them on top of each other, so they don't take up all of your counter space.

These also have a non-stick coating, so you won't worry about any hassle when removing your cooled food. They do say to wash the rack before and after each use by hand, which is a bit tedious. This will help keep the coating intact, so it's worth the extra time.

If you don't mind the extra cleaning time to keep your cooling rack working as it should, then this will be a great fit in any kitchen. These are large enough to hold dozens of cookies, and you can stack them on top of each other, so you still have counter space. Plus, the non-stick coating will keep your food together, so it looks its absolute best.

(Image credit: Wilton)

Wilton Mega Cooling Rack

Best value

You can save some money on cooling racks while still getting a high-quality product with the Wilton Mega cooling rack. The heavy gauge of this rack will help prevent warping and make sure the heat or air will spread evenly to all of your food. There are also handles, so it makes it easier to take out of the oven or move around your kitchen.

This rack also comes with a non-stick surface, so it's simple to clean up and take anything off of it. However, this may not fit all baking sheets as it is 10 x 16 inches. Be sure to measure your sheets if you're using it to cook food before purchasing it.

If this is the perfect fit for any cooking you may need it for, then save some cash and pick it up. The heavy gauge construction will make sure all heat or air will hit all your food perfectly. The handles are also incredibly handy, so you won't have to worry about it slipping even with oven mitts.

(Image credit: Checkered Chef)

Checkered Chef Cooling Racks

Best bundle

If you need more than one cooling rack and the 3-tier isn't cutting it for you, then the Checkered Chef cooling racks will be perfect for you. It comes with two sheets in the pack, and it's stainless steel, so it's strong enough to hold anything you put on it. It will also help with cooking since the stainless steel should prevent any sticking.

Since this cooking sheet doesn't have a coating on it, it's dishwasher safe. This will help make clean-up a breeze, seeing as you only have to rinse it, and then you can throw it in the dishwasher. This rack is on the smaller size, it's 8 x 11.75 inches and can fit in a 9.5 x 13-inch pan. That's the standard size for most quarter pans, and you can put them together to fit into a half sheet baking pan.

If these are the perfect fit for your pans or you don't need it for cooking, it's a great deal for two stainless steel cooling racks. You get double the amount than you usually would for cooling racks, plus it doesn't need coating since it is stainless steel. Add in the dishwasher safe aspect of it, this will make clean up a breeze, and you can start enjoying your meal.

(Image credit: Bellemain)

Bellemain Cooling Rack

Best tight grid

This Bellemain cooling rack is perfect if you're worried about anything drooping down because of the crosswire not being close enough. This has 40% more cross-wiring than most cooling racks, so it will keep cakes and cookies in the perfect form while they cool. It's also dishwasher safe, so you can rinse it off and put it in with the rest of your dishes.

The best part is that it comes with a ten-year warranty so you can get it replaced if anything goes wrong. There isn't a protective coating on it, so it can be harder to clean. Your best bet would be to do a quick scrub before you put it in the dishwasher, just to make sure everything comes off.

If you don't mind wiping it down before throwing it in the dishwasher, this is a great option when it comes to tight grid cooling racks. It's also dishwasher safe, so you won't have to worry about it not being completely clean and sanitized. The ten-year warranty is also a nice touch because it's a great peace of mind if anything were to break.

(Image credit: Spring Chef)

Spring Chef Cooling Rack

Best heavy duty

Heavy-duty cooling racks are hard to come by, but Spring Chef has exactly what you need with this option. It's made from solid stainless steel, so it's a high-quality product that can withstand anything. The stainless steel makes it easy to clean, and it is also dishwasher safe due to what it's made from.

It's also rust and warp resistant, which is great if you're planning to used this to aid with any cooking. Because of the four raise feet, it doesn't sit flush with your pan or counter. In some situations, this may be a pain, but it helps with air circulation, so everything gets evenly cooked or cooled.

If you don't mind the rack standing out a bit from your pan, then this stainless steel product will be perfect for what you need it for. It's made for the oven seeing as it is both rust and warp resistant. This will also help with any future projects since you won't have to worry about it possibly not being a flat surface.

(Image credit: Mrs. Anderson's Baking)

Mrs. Anderson's Multi-Purpose Cooling Rack

Best design

This option is perfect for smaller baking goods and inside of cast-iron or circular pans. The round design can hold any pie, a few biscuits, or comes cupcakes, and it will fit in a cake pan or cast-iron skillet. It's also oven safe and can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can cook just about anything with this rack.

The Mrs. Anderson's multi-purpose cooling rack is perfect for elevating your food and getting adequate airflow to all of your food. This is a hand-wash only rack so that you will have a little more cleanup than most afterward. There are also no crosswires, so you'll have to be careful placing cookies on here, so they don't droop.

This design is perfect if you have circular pans or baking sheets, and it's completely oven-safe. If you don't mind handwashing or placing your items meticulously, then this would be a great addition to your kitchen. The footed base also keeps it elevated so that everything cooks or cools at the same rate.

Bottom line

From letting the meat rest to cooking off the cake you just took out of the oven, there's so much you can do with a cooling rack. The best one to fit every need is the Wilton 3-tier cooling rack, which can be stacked on top of each other to be multiple layers. They're also big enough to hold a dozen cookies each, so it's perfect for long baking sessions.

If the Wilton rack isn't cutting it for you, there are tons of other options to check off each box on your list of needs. From price points to how solid of a rack it is, there is something in this guide for anyone. Make sure to grab the one that best suits you, so you can get to cooling whatever it is that needs it.